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Bed is Wrecking my Workouts

My bed is destroying my workouts with either Lower back pain, Upper Back stiffness, and my neck being either stiff or tender.
I have good posture and I know it’s my bed since my fiance and I both have the same issue when we wake… My workouts are in the morning and consist of mainly Squats, Deads, and Bench variations plus assistance work. I stretch and warmup as much as possible and it doesn’t help. I even visited a doctor to see if I injured my spine.

Now the issue is this, I only have time to lift in the mornings. I work, have college, and cattle to deal with. By the time I can lift later at night when my back feels much better I am drained of energy and it’s time to sleep.

So I’ve bought a new bed. Issue is that It’s not coming for a month or two. But more important to me is how can I manage to lift in the morning when even something as simple as Benching is straining my back.