Hi, I’ve been reading T-Mag for about year now but haven’t been saying much. What i have to say is either already said or wrong.

So I got this problem. I’m going to start my kid brother out on a workout plan (he’s 14) but he holds onto to quite a bit of weight around the mid-section. So I’m scared that he is going to have an apron of skin hanging down over his unit (he is 210 pounds and about 30% body fat).
How do you get skin to tighten up? Especially large amounts of stretched skin. I know lots of water but is there a special type of workout plan that I should use. Like one that has less cardio more bulk ? I really need some help on this one, I bought him a 4 month membership so hopefully that’ll be enough to start him out to lose some weight.

thanks for the help,


What is this? I thought it was a Much Music spoof!

“Becoming… a Limp Biscuit”

How tall is he and how motivated to train is he? Is he going to the gym?

Big brother helping is great but if he isn’t willing to do what it takes to lose it he’s just not going to.

Good luck.


Sorry the name of the post was suppose to be “Becoming tight like a tiger” but that didn’t seem to go through right.

Anyhow, Billy he got this membership for Christmas but he has been busy with school so he is starting today. He is 5’7" and built like a woman. I’m not being rude but a workout for this kid is getting up to get a pop. He is not overly ambitious to do sports but he does really want to work out with me. He has shown interest for a while to join me in the gym but I told he had to prove it by becoming more involved in doing stuff outside first.


CeeVic why would you be asking about a program that has less cardio and more bulk if you’re trying to tighten him up and lose fat. At 14 and 30% you #1 concer should be getting him to lose that fat. You need to take a look at his diet and change it. He’s not going to shed the fat unless that is taken care of.

Play sports with him, take him running, just get him moving. Weights should be a third concern after diet and getting him active. I would suggest after getting him active you implement CT’s “Running Man” (running program). Its designed for people of ALL conditioning levels.

You should have waited to get him that gym membership before you got him active. Is it too late for a refund or can you put it “on hold”?

He’s 14.

Just lose the weight, his skin is much more elastic at that age. As he grows, the skin will return to a normal size.

Stick him with the heavy compound basics and a decent diet, and he’ll “do the impossible” and add muscle while losing fat. He’s 14 after all, and his metabolism and hormonal systems should be humming.

Lord. I can’t believe he would think that losing the weight would be bad. Girls will find him much more attractive, even if he has a deflated spare tire/stretch marks/whatever.

It sounds to me like he’s looking for excuses not to do the work.

It’s scary to change for everyone. Going from eating whatever garbage a 30% bodyfat 14 year-old eats to eating clean, working out, and so on, isn’t a one-stop deal. It’s not like he’ll wake up tomorrow and be a T-man. So do things gradually, try to assuage his fears, and kick his ass if he’s being too much of a pussy about stuff.

Dan “And tell him about the girls!” McVicker

I don’t think there is going to be a problem here. 30% is pretty heavy but its not absurd. The people that you see on TV that have them extra flap of skin hanging down were probably a lot higher than that and a lot older. If this weightloss is systematic and controlled (like any good program should cause), his skin will shrink as he does.

Good luck.

CeeVic, if you can, get him involved on T-Mag, reading articles and the forum. Ask him to help you find a good article for building biceps and then discuss it with him (not that you really need the help yourself, but with the goal of getting him involved and looking and searching and researching and reading).

Working out is the first step, but somewhere along the way you’re going to have to address the diet. At 14 all he needs to do is replace a few of the worst offenders in his life with some better choices. He needs to think about eating 6 meals a day and getting protein every meal.

Good luck to you and your brother!!! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

at that age i was 220lbs and didnt have loose skin but i did have strech marks
most noticeable on back of my shoulders
and near my armpits, and that was 24yrs
ago and now (39) i weigh 5’10.
very soon i will start working out again. if you can get him interested
in working out, do cardio first cause
walking will be hard enough to begin and
of course dieting goes with this as well.the reason i lost all all that weight was because i saw my older brotherwrestle in high scool and then i lost nearly 90lbs in 2 years… most
important help keep his esteem up…
got a lot of work to do and goodluck…


So have you talked to him about getting active yet?

He’s not getting any leaner.