Becoming the BigGrizz

Sup guys. I’m 18 years old and Im gonna start this log to track my progress and hopefully learn some stuff from you guys.

Stats at 1/1/2019:
OHP 120
Deadlift 300

Goals by 1/1/2020:
A somewhat lean 185-190lbs
OHP 180
Deadlift 500
Probably super unrealistic but I don’t really care.
I’ll still Bench and Squat but with less priority.

I’m using a conjugate type setup
ME Lower
ME Upper
DE Lower
RE Upper
+GPP/Conditioning/Accessory days

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Nah it’s possible. Just work on getting better in every way and bigger/eating and you’ll make it.

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Thanks. That’s the shit I like to hear.

Realistic goals with proper programming and eating to support those goals.

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Eating is gonna be the hardest part for me

RE Upper with the Brotha

He did 6x6 Bench @ something

I did 6x6 OHP @ 92.5 lbs (41.9kg)

Accessory Work:
Palms in DB Bench 3x12/10/8

Hammer strength Row 5x10-12

Pushdown W/Band 4x20-25

Facepulls 4x20 SS with Side Raises 4x10

My brother gets neck pain from Facepulls and shrugs. Any experience with that guys? Could be posture or mobility I guess.

Edit: Spelling

ME Lower

Deadlift 5RM @ 275lb
Deficit deadlifts 2x4/5 @ 225lb
RDL 2x10 @ 135lb

Knee To Feet jumps 6x4 w/15lb dumbbells

Belt squat 3x5 @ 80lb + band + Weight of machine

Light Reverse hypers 3x15

Deadlift volume was high as fuck. I don’t think I was doing enough movement specific volume for it before. We shall see how I recover.