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becoming one

Just a little question on how to become on of the gang. Does it take posting a pic. before people will become comfortable with your post are would it be better for me to just keep asking these dumb questions and take my flaming to become noticed a bit more?


We wanna see cock.


You should do what I did.

Go look through some of my older posts and you’ll see a good way to become one of the gang :slight_smile:

Dish out sound advice and back it up. Don’t just post in the O/T forum. I started posting solely in the O/T forum until I got comfortable then I slowly ventured into the T/N forum into topics I’m comfortable with. From there, I picked up the pace and progressively posted more and more over there.

Follow your dreams
You can reach your goals
I’m living proof
Beefcake!! BEEFCAKE!!!


Jared leaked out the secret…


Jared and Neil! You bastards! I spit water on my screen and keyboard!!


JaredNFS, I can’t believe you told him. LOL!!

TheCuda, I didn’t know we had a gang. Like the bloods and crips? Just joking.

Hey, a little cock can go a long way.

I am currently accepting applications by PM to be members of The Gang. Please forward photos of your overworked love muscles for consideration.

Your application must include all dietary/training supplements being taken at this time.


Did you try introducing yourself…and a pic always helps…that name-face/body connection is always helpful.


hey be like me and make people laugh with porn refrences. there is already plenty of knowledgeable/helpful people here. just soak up all the knowledge and talk about your dong once in a while. within a few weeks your in!

wtf? part of what gang?

Jared, are you saying you have a little cock or that you need a little cock?

I apologize for perpetuating the highjacking of this thread. TheCuda…in what way are you not feeling the love? I didn’t get that.

That’s what all the guys with a little cock say…:slight_smile:

I thought that was a funny saying.

I call for a group hug. TheCuda needs some affirmation.

This is just a test to see if my screen was working… Most of my post come up blank with input but now I can see my screen is fixed.
Oh yeah NeilG was getting me jealous with all his stupid post so I threw this one up on the board.