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becoming obese

Wellmy roommates girlfriend is officially on her way to being classified as obese. She became official tonight, 22nd, when I saw her walk out of her room with her no PJ’s on. Do you any of you remeber, when you were a kid, wearing the PJ’s that were a one piece that zipped up in the back? Well, thats same style except with a lot of growing room in the mid section. And I have tried to help her lose weight by telling her the right foods to eat, but according to her and all of the doctors that she speaks to processed food is okay to eat nor does she pay attention to macronutrient precentages of calorie intake. I could give her this website, but she would just turn everything into an argument. In simpler terms, to hell with her.

Don’t worry about it man. I am sure she blames her parents, bad karma or the fat fairy. You can do everything for a person except make them want something. Until she wants to lose weight, nobody can help her.

Bad me! Baad karma!! Damn, I make people fat. Spank me. Choke me. Pull my hair.

A moment of silence for another lost soul.

I would drop the subject with your roommates gf. Its not worth the fight. When she wants help she will ask for it. Till then all you will be doing is getting into arguments and having her get pissed off at you. I learned a while back the only body you should worry about is your own.

No Karma, you don’t make people fat. You just make them look fat. Unfortunately the girl I am speaking of is fat so you are innocent of any deviant behavior.

What’s wrong with a little deviant behavior now and then?

True change comes from within. You can’t be expected to save people from themselves. It is her struggle to fight. You shouldn’t resent her for her lack of ambition, though. You cannot judge other people by the same criterion with which you judge yourself. Neither encouragement nor condemnation will help her conquer herself.

Karma innocent of any deviant behavior! lol. I bet she takes that as an insult!

Damn, you guys are funny! I was actually playing off brider’s damning me to hell in one of the earlier NAAFA (I think that was the acronym) threads. Seems a link was posted to one of their “Why are you fat” threads and about a third blamed “me”.

And about my deviant behaviour? Weeell, unfortunately I’ve been a good girl lately. ;-( But I am looking to change that. Any ideas?