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Becoming more fit

I am 230lbs and 19% bf. Meaning I am a fat ass. I am kinda of dabbling my porky ass back into weightlifting. Could you guys point out some good theories to follow to add some strength? I really want to get stronger, cause of course size can come after that. I am thinking about just cleaning up my eating and sticking to foods outlined in the “Foods that make you look good nekid”. I was going to do the t-dawg diet , yet much of my family has problems with high cholerstrol(sp) and I don’t want to fall into that problem. By the way I am 18 if that matters for the high fat thing. Are there any tips you guys could give me to go in the right direction?

Thanks for helping look good nekid

Allow me to point you in the direction to the Essential Berardi (for diet, nutrition). For training, read Ian King or Dave Tate’s articles (it sounds like that what these guys have to say would interest you). As for your concerns with your family’s history of cholesterol - have you done ANY research for yourself via the internet (medical journals, etc.) AND do you know what your cholesterol level is now? I’d say at 18, start becoming aware of your diet and begin a physically active lifestyle. But I’m not a doctor.