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Becoming Lean Mean Killing Machine

Starting a training log.

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Main lifts:
Starting stats:

Zercher squat: 3rep pr=142,5kg
Bench press: 3rep pr=100kg
Power clean: 3rep pr=82.5kg
Weighted chins:3rep pr=40kg


Zercher squat:
Set1 2x145kg
Set2 1x145kg
Set3 1x145kg

Power clean:
Set1 2x82.5
Set2 1x82.5
Set3 1x82.5

Good session nothing fancy just big shit and out.

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Bench press:
Set 1: 2x105kg Pr
Set 2: 1x105kg
Set 3: 1x105kg

Weighted chins:
Set 1: 2x42.5kg Pr
Set 2: 1x42.5kg
Set 3: 1x42.5kg

Again nothing fancy big shit and out.

How long have you been training? Goals?

My goal is to get Big and Strong. And maybe someday compete in Bodybuilding and strenght sports.

Day 3

Zercher squat:
Set1: 2x147.5kg Pr
Set2: 1x147.5kg
Set3: 1x147.5kg

Power clean:
Set1: 2x82.5kg
Set2: 2x82.5kg
Set3: 2x85kg Long time Pr!!!

Again big shit and out.

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Bench press:
Set1: 2x107,5kg Pr
Set2: 1x107,5kg
Set3: 1x107,5kg

Weighted chins:
Set1: 2x42,5
Set2: 2x42,5
Set3: 2x45,5 Pr


Bench press:
Set1: 2x100 kg
Set2: 1x105 kg
Set3: 1x105 kg

Weighted chins:
Set1: 2x40 kg
Set2: 1x42.5 kg
Set3: 1x42.5 kg

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Are you following any particular program?

My own program.

Tell us some more about it?

Its mainly linear progression. But i do some strenght skill workouts everytime i’m not feeling strong/good in the gym if i feel extra strong i just pr everything. But simple template is 4 days week 3sets 1-3reps linear progression. 4main lifts always 1:Squat 2:Hinge 3:Push 4:Pull i do
Accessory work only if any of my main lifts arent building itself up.

It looks like you’re hitting everything important, the only problem I see is lack of volume, with all your work being near-maximal. Unless you’re just showing top sets, and not warm-up and back-off sets or assistance work? You can definitely make some progress this way, but if all your work is near-maximal I think your risk of injury will start to go up as you gain strength.


Zercher squat:
Set1: 2x140 kg
Set2: 1x145 kg
Set3: 1x150 kg

Power clean:
Set1: 2x80 kg
Set2: 1x82.5 kg
Set3: 1x85 kg

Good session.

Well i do lots of warm ups/Preparation sets but i havent done accessory work in a long time.

Day 1 Lower Body

Main lifts:

Zercher squat
Set1: 3x140 kg
Set2: 2x140 kg
Set3: 1x140 kg

Power clean
Set1: 3x80 kg
Set2: 2x80 kg
Set3: 1x80 kg

Assistance lifts:

Back squat
Set1: 3x100 kg
Set2: 3x100 kg
Set3: 3x100 kg

Set1: 3x120 kg
Set2: 3x120 kg
Set3: 3x120 kg

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Nice, strong. Is the deadlift ever your main lift of the day?

No, this was first time in a almost year doing back squat or deadlift. But now I start doing them as “assistance” lifts for lower body. Those were really easy and controlled reps just dialing in technique and slowly progressing.

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Day 2 Upper Body

Main lifts:

Bench press
Set1: 2x100 kg
Set2: 2x100 kg
Set3: 1x100 kg

Weighted chins
Set1: 2x40 kg
Set2: 2x40 kg
Set3: 1x40 kg

Assistance lifts:

Barbell press
Set1: 3x40 kg
Set2: 3x40 kg
Set3: 3x40 kg

Barbell row
Set1: 3x80 kg
Set2: 3x80 kg
Set3: 3x80 kg

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