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Becoming Lactose Tolerant?

I heard that you can become lactose tolerant by gradually drinking more and more milk. Does anyone know if this is true, and do you know at what rate the milk should be consumed?

yes it works.

as always, its going to be highly personal. So start small and document/remember your effects. If you drink a tad too much, you should be gassy and maybe slightly bloated about 2-3 hours later. This obviously gets worse the more you drink, with the worst being severe diarrhea and gas for about an hour or so until it clears your system. DO NOT take Imodium or other anti-diarrheal drugs to combat this. Do not take Lactase pills if you want to become tolerant as well.

I would say start with a cup, if you don’t end up farting all over the place in a couple of hours, you are good.

If you are severly sensitive, well then you might have to bear out the pain of being bloated the first couple weeks you try it(It took me a couple months to be honest).

You may also want to try switching to Whey Concentrate, as the traces in lactose in it, can actually be a great starting point for someone very sensitive. Just learn to fart it up for a month or two.

Hope that helps. I am stoked I am re-tolerant.

how long would it take total?
minimum maximum?

hope it doesn’t take several years

I’ve conditioned myself to digest lactose myself once.

When I got into lifting and decided to incorporate milk into my diet I found it did not agree with me very much. After an initial half gallon milk binge and the subsequent horrible debilitating gas cramps, I was able to work my way up to 4 cups/day with only a bit of gas as a side effect with this method.

Week 1-2: 1/2cup morning, 1/2cup bedtime
Week 3-4: 1/2cup morning, 1/2 cup PWO, 1/2cup bedtime
Week 5-6: 1cup morning, 1cup bedtime
Week 7-8: 1 cup morning, 1cup PWO, 1cup bedtime
Week 9+:1cup morning, 2cup PWO, 1cup bedtime.

Worked for me, I couldn’t say how well it’d work for others. May want to just invest in some lactase?

I’d also recommend you don’t have any milk before you work out if you have lactose difficulties, especially on squat days. I learned that one the hard way…

[quote]cdxer wrote:
how long would it take total?
minimum maximum?

hope it doesn’t take several years[/quote]

I don’t think it would take several years. Worked for me in about 2 months of consistent milk drinking(I just added some to my shakes).

I also don’t think anyone can give you a min or max time that is even close to the reality of how long it will take.

Don’t waste your time, buy the one a day pills,they work perfectly, and cost $10 a month. Being Lactose intolerant sucks, and I am not sure you can really build it back up. When I went intolerant I was drinking 6 cups a day then over the course of 1-3 weeks my ability to process milk fell apart. I know as sick as milk makes me without the pills I wouldn’t mess around with drinking any.