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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



I agree with this 100%


Just caught up and there is some great stuff in here. Really good to hear you are working round your problem and enjoying getting leaner and getting some games in.



Woke at 227.2 lbs and with visible abs!

I’ve mentioned that I’m trying to reset my mindset about training. I’m trying to prioritize basketball performance and being lean. Luckily those goals actually go together because basketball can be like an extended interval workout.

In regards to training I just have to train my legs enough to look good and maintain my strength. Years ago I ran an experiment where I ran three days a week with the goal of improving my 200m time. I didn’t train legs in the weight room.

My experiment was to see if my legs would shrink without lifting. They didn’t!

But I later learned that I was weaker (not surprising). I joined a basketball league and my vertical was garbage. I spent weeks doing plyos and still garbage. I went back to training legs (mostly with single leg leg press) and bingo - my vertical improved in two weeks. It took very little leg training to see results.

I’m hoping that minimal leg training will be enough to get my vertical back up while maintaining enough leg mass to avoid having chicken legs.


Pull Workout

5 minutes on the bike, L11, 1.39 miles

95 x 3 x 2 sets
115 x 3 x 5 sets
I planned to go heavier but these were fast and felt good so I just stuck with the lighter weight.

180 x 10
200 x 10
220 x 10
240 x 5 - 220 x 8 - 200 x 8 - 180 x 8 (drop set)

85 x 30, 20

2 games back to back, 33+ minutes of playing. Still winless. :disappointed:


Congrats! I’ve still got way too far to go for that…


Don’t worry. There’s a big difference between being strong and being lean (when you do it naturally).

I wouldn’t say they’re mutually exclusive goals but they’re definitely not fond of sharing results.


Since I’m drinking the Westside Koolaid with Hog at the moment, I ended up stumbling on a Westside Manual for Explosive Jump Strength Development, that I thought might be of interest to you. It should be in your inbox.



Woke at 230.0 lbs and I’m assuming that’s a fluke or the rebound before my next drop.

I just looked at my fitbit stats and I’m at a new low for my resting HR!

Today’s training is a nice push workout and basketball.


Push Workout

Bike w/u 5 min, L12, 1.43 miles

bar x 10
115 x 5 x 2 sets
125 x 5
135 x 5
145 x 3
155 x 2
165 x 2
I’m a long ways away from my best press of 235. I don’t know if the problem is lack of leg drive because of my hip/knee or just general inefficiency since I haven’t done these in awhile.

120 x 10 x 3 sets

superset with

1 x 15
2 x 10

115 x 10, 8, 8

superset with

3 x 10 ea leg
This was a hip rehab exercise. No weight is needed and I only went to about half depth. My left knee hates these but after three sets I was able to walk down the stairs pain free (which usually isn’t the case).

I wanted to try the split squat deadlifts or play on the hack squat but I discovered that I have a problem with my hip. I’m not sure if I have weakness or if the pain just makes it seem that way. Either way these lunges are supposed to help my IT band syndrome. I’ll be doing these daily until I get some relief.

2 games and I finally broke into the win column on the second game!


Hilariously that is my exact height and weight and I’m both the heaviest I’ve ever been and also pretty fat. If I was this weight with another 25-30lbs of LBM I’d probably look pretty jacked.

I read that Chris Hemsworth was apparently 220ish in the first Thor film at 6’4".


Congrats! Also, I have to confess that I had to look up the reference in your new thread title. I’ve never seen that movie.


Semi Pro. Watch it! It’s one of my favorite Will Ferrell movies.

I’m probably closer to resembling the character Twiggy though.


Hey @JMaier31 ,

This may not be the right place to ask, but I figured it’d be the most direct, and the log is about you, so maybe it is the right place after all.

Would you recommend the field you work in? I can imagine the pros and cons of the job, but in your own words, what do you like/dislike about it?

Just asking because I’m starting to think of what I want to do with my life, and while I’ve got a few choices that I’m leaning towards, I have considered law enforcement.

I know I want to stay in or around my hometown, and I’m not sure I’d want to be a member of the police force here. I don’t generalize all cops as bad guys - I think there’s plenty of both good and bad ones, but it’s pretty well agreed upon by the locals (of all races/ages/social statuses) that our force kinda sucks. Very much filled with guys on power trips who like to carry guns. However, I live near several reservations (I’m Native as well) and know a guy my parents went to high school with who became a tribal officer and now works with the FBI on a drug task force. I intend to get in touch with him to ask about it, but something like that sounds interesting to me.

Anyway, getting a little off topic, but basically like I said before, would you recommend it? Overall, do you enjoy it?


I’ve always felt these jump back really quickly (similar to deadlifts for me at least). Even with shoulder issues, I could easily bump this back up to 225 (on best of 255) within a month or two.


I had to switch to the PC for this response!

I will do my best to give objective advice, but I’ll probably fail. I’m still trying to decide if I should give my opinion based on my experiences…

Anyway, the first thing you should do is a ride along, or two, or three, or four. Go tag along during part or all of a shift to see what the job really entails. Ride on all of the available shifts because the job changes a bit based on the time of day.

If you live in a small town then it’s a good idea to work in a different town. Working with the Feds always sounds fun so if there is a path available then look into that. We have officers and detectives who work with the various Fed groups here but it’s a tough gig to get. They don’t exactly advertise those spots to the entire department.

I decided to get into law enforcement for two reasons. First, I feel like I have some God-given gifts and I wanted to use those. Second, and possibly a bigger motivator than my previous statement, I think people should have consequences for their actions. I decided that I could be a part of that by being a cop.

Unfortunately, my personal experience hasn’t been what I thought it would be. The rules and policies and red tape involved in our justice system is a bit disheartening. I came into this thinking that if you do something bad then you get caught and punished. It turns out that’s not entirely true. It’s frustrating and it has changed the way I do my job.

My department is big (600+) and there are a lot of different things I can do (well, once I get enough seniority points). Working on different specialty units can keep the job interesting.

I think the job varies depending on where you work. I was a State Trooper for three years and it was a completely different job. I think it was the better job when I compare my two experiences but there are more opportunities for me now - and a better schedule.

The best thing you could do is get to know what it’s like to work for the department in which you are interested. I think it’s a slightly different job here for the three agencies (State, City, and County). We all have similar titles and powers but the daily work can vary greatly.

I gotta go pick up my daughter from school so I’m cutting this short. Feel free to ask me questions to clarify anything.


I had to look it up and he said he was 6’3" and 215 for Thor.


I decided to track my food today and I’m disappointed. I got my calorie limit at dinner and I wasn’t even full. I’m over a bit but at least I burned some calories at the gym.

According to my Fitbit I’ve burned 3800 calories today so eating 2600 should still work out for weight loss. This just serves as a reminder that I suck at guestimating.


This is so much me too. I know I’m over because the damn scale doesn’t move. On the other hand I don’t want to track, and I’m okay with my body. So for the time being, eating at maintenance, fairly clean I hope I might build a bit of muscle and burn a bit of fat. (Deep inside I know it ain’t gonna happen).


Such dedication to the role to change his height for it.


He said he’s lied about his height to get roles because they want shorter guys. Thor was the first role he’s played that specified the actor needed to be 6’1" or taller.