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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



Dropping weight fast, dude. I always get motivated to gain weight until I hit the 240s and things start to hurt. Then I get back in the 220s and my knees, hips and back feel great. If we can keep our diet in check, 220 at our height and ~10% BF is jacked as fuck.


I’m afraid I’ll be closer to 210 at 10% but we’ll see. I gave bulking/growing one last chance last year and I just don’t think it worked out. I’m sure there’s a valid reason for my size and inability to get any bigger. It really doesn’t matter though. I have a lot of reasons to maintain a lighter weight from here on out.

I might not be hyoooge but I’ll be ripped!


Funny, I couldn’t imagine even being 200lbs. Still shooting to eventually be 185. Just call me tiny :joy::joy::joy:


This is one of the best posts for a long time J.
Made me happy to read it, you did some weight training and then basketball.
Things are moving in the right direction.


220, 210 at 6’3 seems rail thin bro…


220 at 6’3 with at or below 10 percent body fat is jacked as shit. Julio Jones and Larry Fitzgerald are both 6’3 220. Muhammad Ali weighed in at 6’3 210 when he fought Sonny Liston the first time. When you have really low body fat it’s crazy how little you can weigh while still being jacked.


And no one is questioning this mans thickness. Or more appropriately, thiccness.


This puts it into a much better perspective for me. I’ve got pictures of me at 235. I look sickly, like a cancer patient, but I’ve been a fat ass for so long I may have lost perspective of what healthy body weight looks like


If I scale my BMI of 24.3 up to 6 ‘3” I’d land at 195. So not too tail thin at 210


What was your bulking experience? I did a pretty failed attempt this Fall. Started shredded at 166, ranxa cycle of 600 test, 300 deca, for 12 weeks. Ate clean at avout 3500-4000 calories and trained hard. Got up to about 185. Maintained for about a month and then started cutting, and here I am back at 166 and lean. Got stronger but don’t feel like I put on any mass.



Woke at 227.6 lbs! I. Am. Depleted. :smile:

You’re an example of someone that I look at and think to myself “Damn, that dude is jacked.”

But I can look at myself when I’m lean and think I look skinny. I guess it’s a bit of body dysmorphia.

Thanks, Mort! I hope I’m able to move forward soon.

It seems that way to me!

I’m a little over 6’4" s7 in a bit more stretched out. On the plus side, my relative strength should improve!


I missed some posts earlier. I started a reply and got interrupted by work and didn’t realize ya’ll were still posting.

Well, I had hip surgery Dec 20, 2017 to repair a torn labrum. I weighed 217 lbs at the time. I trained through rehab but my left leg was mostly out of commission for 12 weeks. I bulked from surgery to about Halloween and topped out at 250 lbs.

I tested maxes in June and squatted 370 (lifetime PR), benched 305 (matched PR) and deadlifted 545 (lifetime PR). I weighed 240ish at that time.

My legs and ass grew significantly but my upper body just looked fatter. I was uncomfortable at 250 lbs so I called the bulk early (was going to continue til the T-ransformation Challenge).

I’m back down to 230ish now and feel better already. I’m not sure what my end result will be. If I gained any mass then it’ll be on my legs.

My attempt to be swole like The Rock just didn’t pan out. I think my body is built to be lean and athletic. I’m trying to accept that and train accordingly.

My new goal is 215 lbs. It’s funny to say that because I had a bulking goal written in my training log for the start of February. I was supposed to be over 260 lbs this month!


Push Workout Take Two

14 Min Shoot Around for Warm Up

110 x 15/20 x 2 sets

70 x 10
130 x 10F/10T/10B
130 x 6F/6T/6B

65 x 8F/8T/8B
Triceps were shot.

125 x 10F/10T/10B x 2 sets

30 x 10F/10T/10B
40 x 10F/10T/10B

BW x 50 steps x 2 sets (30 sec rest b/w sets)




Woke at 229.4 lbs. I knew 227 was a fluke but I’m happy with 229.

Pull Workout

30 x 10
40 x 10
50 x 10
superset with
120 x 10
130 x 10
140 x 10
140 x 10 1.5 reps

145 x 10 x 3 sets
superset with
SA CABLE ROW (low pulley)
60 x 10 ea
70 x 10
80 x 10F/10T/10B

SA CABLE HAMMER CURL (left arm only)
60 x 8F/8T/8B
50 x 8F/8T/8B

This took about 35 minutes and counted as my lunch break. I had a guy asking me questions and that added a little time to the session. He had a heart attack about a year ago and needs to lose weight. He was talking about doing keto but his wife is worried about high fat and his health.




Woke at 230.2 lbs.

Dinner was probably a bit much and I’m paying for it today. My dad made his guacamole again and I ate way too much. That stuff tears up my stomach. I learned this last weekend but then I went and ate it by the cupful again. Dinner was about a cup of guac and meatloaf.

I’m undecided on working out today. I’m ready for a day off mentally but I’m due for a push workout. If I wait til tomorrow then I’ll be doing legs, shoulders, and tri’s before playing basketball and that usually doesn’t go well. I would also like to do a pull workout twice on my days off so I can do some snatch high pulls and power snatch (I don’t really try that stuff during my lunch break workouts when I’m still wearing my uniform pants and boots).

My quads are still sore from the lunges I did on Friday night but I’ll probably force a workout today. I’m kind of thinking about DL leg extensions with a SL eccentric and I don’t think basketball will go too well after those.


Dude your drive is contagious! In college competition you must have been a beast


I appreciate the compliment but I just feel like I’m normal! I’m looking at your log and thinking I’m slacking because you just keep pushing yourself. I know I’m banged up but I’m not sure if I could push the pain threshold the way you do.

I’ve never tried the conjugate program. I’ve never done any banded work. But those speed box squats looked fun and they could be beneficial for me. I could use a 24" box which is way above parallel (and closer to the angles I use when I jump) and probably get some huge benefit out of that style of training. I’d skip the max effort stuff but speed is king for being explosive.

I just pulled into the parking garage to go hit a quick workout while it’s quiet.


Depends on what’s normal, for the average joe we are far from normal.
We are dedicated to lifting, we want to lift, we want to get stronger, bigger, leaner and faster. We know what to eat and how to eat.
We look at this forum and find a few peeps that are stronger than we are and think I have to lift more.

I am seeing a PT with my SI joint and a tight hip/groin thing nothing serious at all.
I told about my lifts and he was truly amazed especially with my DL of 170 kg wich really on these forums isn’t that much.

Damn long rant here, sorry J, you’re drive is amazing you’re banged up and you still find ways to workout and you do it, you push through even if you know it’s probably going to hurt.
The Hog is a beast, nobody can follow him except maybe Pwn.


Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome

That was one of our general orders at my State Trooper Academy. It’s pretty simple. If one limb/joint is broke then I can still use the others. Using the others while the other one rests/heals actually helps the injured area.



Push Workout (30 minutes)

20, 20, 20-8-7 double rest/pause

superset with

50 x 10 ea
60 x 10
70 x 10

55 x 10F/10T/10B x 3 sets

superset with

80 x 10 ea (double leg concentric, single leg eccentric) – this hurt my knee, so…
80 x 50 – started out as a 350 set but I didn’t need to stop

STANDING CABLE FLY (kind of like a decline angle)
60 x 15
60 x 9 - 40 x 10 - 20 x 20 (drop set)
Unfortunately I didn’t feel much in my pecs. I think I had too much fatigue in the general area and I just felt weird burning in my shoulders. Not pain, but wrong muscles LOL!

80 x 10F/10B/10T
90 x 10F/10B/10T

Hopefully I’ll be able to shoot and run when I play basketball tomorrow since I won’t be doing this beforehand!