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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



I don’t envy that part of your job. Due process is an absolutely necessary part of our admittedly very flawed legal system, but it’s got to be frustrating from your position to do everything right, have absolutely no doubt that someone is guilty of whatever it may be, and have the prosecutor decide it’s not worth pursuing. I think that would almost be worse than someone getting off on a technicality when they’re clearly guilty. Also the whole ‘doing someone else’s job so that there’s at least a chance of something sticking’ has to stick in your craw. Nothing but respect for what you do.


This is infuriating. There are circumstances where I’d lose my job and possibly get charged with some sort of crime if I didn’t make an arrest, but the prosecutor can deny prosecution for no reason and there’s no consequences. There is no checks and balances for them. They’re the end of the road and that’s it.

This part doesn’t bother me much. It’s just a statistical play. It’s better for me to connect the dots and write my cases so that it’s easy to put the whole picture together. Detectives get a lot of cases - especially in larceny (theft). I wrote four cases today and connected those to three more. The odds of the same detective getting all of those assigned to him/her is low. The odds of them realizing they’re connected is even lower. I did everything I could to get something to stick. I even emailed the larceny supervisor with a list of the cases so he’d assign all of them to the same person.

A lot of our theft cases don’t get assigned to a detective because there’s no evidence or suspect information. For example, my suspect from today stole tags off of four cars this week. She would swap them when she stole them so the victims didn’t even notice. That allowed her to drive around with a tag that appeared to be valid because she selected tags on near identical vehicles. She thought she could do this to avoid detection when she committed her other thefts.

Unfortunately for her, she stole property from a car at my son’s daycare so I took a special interest and went looking for her. I had to call the owners of the tags after I stopped her and work backwards from there. None of the four tags were reported stolen because the owners didn’t even know.

Dealing with meth addicts is like going down a rabbit hole.


That’s pretty crazy. I’ve been following a case that’s been going on over here in Eastern Kansas with some interest, because my daughter is involved. She’s a night manager at Pizza Hut and she got held up at gunpoint last year with the night deposit. They finally caught the guy, I think on something unrelated (he had been pretty busy in the small counties around here), and he still had the Pizza Hut deposit bag in his house. He even robbed the gun store up in Lyndon, KS, along with a bunch of other stuff. They have him dead to rights as far as I can tell, including his girlfriend flipping on him for a lighter sentence for her part in the whole deal. Turns out he used to work at the Pizza Hut.

We had another Pizza Hut robbery attempt about a month ago, as well. Someone tried to rob the delivery driver, came up behind him while he was walking up to a house, and the driver turned around and decked him out cold. Driver left, pretty shaken up, and called the cops, but the guy was gone when they got there. Fortunately the neighbor across the street had a porch security cam that caught the whole thing, and the cops recognized the guy and got him.

I also had the cops come to my door in the middle of the night a few weeks ago, because they caught someone coming out of my rental house, which is empty right now and unlivable because it’s in early renovation stages. He had only taken my old navy peacoat, though, and it was one of the stupid crazy cold nights, so I declined to press charges.

I know the 2 Pizza Hut incidents were meth-related, and I strongly suspect that the other one was, too. That shit really is a plague.



Woke at 231.2 lbs. Dinner was great last night but I definitely ate too much and probably ate too much salt but it was good. Homemade guacamole was probably the main dish for me.

Push Workout (lunch break)

115 x 10, 10, 8 —>goal is 3 x 10 and then I’ll go up.

superset with

130 x 10 x 2
130 x 15 w/ 5 sec eccentrics

75 x 8, 6
55 x 9

superset with

2 x 12

30 x 10 x 3 sets

superset with

80 x 10F/10B/10T x 2 sets

25 minutes and out


I think you’ve just answered my problems. Didn’t even consider 1.5 reps for bench.


It hurts so good! I do the extra half on the bottom portion. I did the same on OHP today too.


Brutal session man. That incline with 1.5 reps…oh my


Incline 1.5 reps is my go-to chest exercise.
I read an article or post somewhere around here about that being a great exercise for that illusive upper chest development.


Super Bowl Dinner

I also had 44 ounces of beer.


It’s not right for wings to carry so many calories. I could eat 2-3 dozen easy


The bone - in (traditional) wings were a screw up but they left them on the table. No one touched them so I ate them all. I don’t know why anyone would pick those over boneless. They’re not worth the effort.

The boneless wings are basically chunks of breast meat. I also dipped them in ranch. :slightly_smiling_face:


Because they’re actual wings and not chicken nuggets soaked in sauce! Boneless wings, blech…


More bone than meat! Don’t waste my time! If I wanted to nibble a quarter of a bite of meat off of a bone then I’d eat a squirrel.


Squirrels are delicious too! And good wing places have decent-sized meaty wings. I’ve had pizza hut wings where there wasn’t even a quarter bite per wing, but at least I get them at employee price from my kid :stuck_out_tongue:

I get where you’re coming from, I just don’t like white meat chicken in general, and I started eating buffalo wings in the 80’s before they started with the boneless ‘wings’. I’m old, and set in my ways.


I agree @OTHSteve good full wings are a good size and deff have more than one qtr bite of meet. And you can chew the bone and suck the marrow out too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@OTHSteve @simo74 I just want some food! I prefer chunks of meat over wings anyway. Traditional wings are messy and a lot of effort. I guess if they used a full size chicken then I might feel different.


Woke at 231.4 lbs. I couldn’t believe the scale. I expected to see at least 233 after last night’s dinner. I’m also starving right now.

I’ll be off to the gym in a couple hours for a back workout and a little basketball.


I’m slowly accepting that this is now my life.


With any luck you’ll reach the point where you embrace it. Once you start seeing the positive changes you might start to associate hunger with success. Now that I’m rolling in the right direction I can tolerate hunger much better. I find myself playing little games - like, how long can I wait before eating? If I wait another hour then I won’t be hungry again until dinner and I’ll be like 1000 calories under budget.

It’s weird.


Not sure what kind of injections you were getting (cortisone?). Have you looked into any regenerative medicine? Wouldn’t be a good option for cute bone dust accumulation, but definately could help the other hip tear. Platelet rich plasma injections, A2M, or umbilical cord blood cells all have great healing and regenerative effects on injured joints. Just my two cents.


These are steroids. I’m not sure if they’re using cortisone or something else. Doc is hopeful that I just have some angry tissue in there.

My right hip is mostly symptom free.

Those treatments sound expensive!