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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



I looked at their website. I don’t think there’s a reason to contact them yet. That will be the next step after an MRI. If I have a legitimate problem that needs fixed then I don’t think there’s any reason to go that route.

That seems like the direction I’ll need to go if the MRI doesn’t show anything.

It’s the same with my shoulder. I have a specific problem - a tendon that won’t stay in its place. It’s an actual problem. I don’t really see any way of working around it without addressing it directly.

Does that make sense?



Woke at 234.6 lbs. My caloric goal is 3000 per day with the hope of losing 1 pound per week. I have about 10 pounds to go (hopefully). That should be enough time to keep going at this rate and reach a respectable physique before I do something stupid like have surgery.

Just checked the calendar. That puts me at 225 by the start of April. I should be good to go.

I had an interview for one of our specialty units this morning. It’s a tough position to snag because it comes with a take home car and weekends off. There’s always a lot of competition and they’re usually people with way more time on the department than me.

I think this was my best interview for this spot (third attempt). I can only control the interview and even then the points are arbitrary. After the interview they give you a score of 1-7 on six categories. There’s no way to challenge a score so you get what you get. They could dislike you before you enter the room and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I just want a good score so I know I’m on the right track with this process. It’s like playing a game. It’s not enough to know the right answer. You have to deliver in a certain way to get points.


I’ll cross my finger J, Specialty units are the best place to be :slight_smile:
Good luck


I’m not holding my breath. There’s only one opening right now (out of 39). The Department has to do the interview process every January and July every if there aren’t openings. We get points for various categories and a total score. We’re ranked on a list and they have to select someone from the top three when there’s an opening.

There have only been two people selected off the current list since July. No one leaves this unit unless they get promoted and there haven’t been a lot of promotions lately.

I need to place high and hope for a lot of promotions in the next few months to create some openings.



It’s supposed to be a day of Airdyne and mobility work. I played basketball instead. I think I got four games in - my legs are shot.


Sure, I understand.

A torn hip labrum and lax/loose bicep tendon doesn’t necessarily require surgery. Even if you’ve had a surgery for it before. I am doubtful you’ve had really good care from a high end sports PT.

And I am by no means saying you dont need surgery!


For what it’s worth I tried to submit a contact form on their site but I couldn’t list two injuries with the 255 character limit. :laughing:

I decided to wait until I was done with the doctor.

I know the biceps tendon isn’t always a mandated surgery but I can tell my right side is getting weaker. I don’t really know what to do with it.

It’s the same with my hip. The effects are spreading and I assume it’s because my body is trying to adapt or protect the area.

I know I can learn new movement patterns but I don’t know how to get my body out of protective mode without actually fixing the root of the problem.

Hopefully someone can help me figure it out.

Edit: I found the map and the closest one is two hours away…and the only one in the state. What are the odds he’s in a tiny farming town and there aren’t any in the biggest city in the state.



Woke at 235.4 lbs.

The train wreck continues!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I think my pelvis shifted on Tuesday and I really beat it up yesterday playing basketball. I hate to admit it, but for the first time ever, I felt pain in my hip between games.

My psoas muscle has felt like it’s been contracted all day. It has been a bit unpleasant. I snagged a 7 am appointment with my chiro tomorrow so hopefully I can get fixed.

My knee is starting to feel like it’s giving out a bit on the stairs. I think my hip is slacking off and forcing my knee extensors to do the bulk of the work. I’m hoping it’s just a symptom of everything being so out of alignment. Time will tell.

MRI is Tuesday (22nd) and follow up appointment with the Doc the next Tuesday (29th)!

I was supposed to do a bench workout tonight but I’m working a basketball game at 7:15. I probably had time to squeeze it in but I didn’t feel like rushing it. It’s probably a good day to rest since I’m out of alignment and in pain anyway. I’m in maintenance mode so I’m not worried about it.



Woke at 235.8 lbs. I didn’t eat very well yesterday. I had a double protein shake for breakfast, a pulled pork sandwich and fries for lunch, and scrambled eggs with ground venison for dinner. I woke up looking bloated—probably from salt. I was thirsty last night at my part time but I didn’t have access to much water.

I am supposed to work out today but I’m showing my vacant rental property at 6pm. That’s not the best time for me but I can’t really refuse an opportunity to get this thing rented. I can go train afterwards but then I won’t get home until 8ish and that’ll pretty much be the end of the night. I won’t really see my wife or kids (again). I’m leaning towards skipping the workout. As stated yesterday, I’m not making any progress right now. I’m just trying to maintain muscle mass and I’m sure a couple of missed workouts won’t change much.


The Punisher, season two is on Netflix. Need I say more?



I forgot to weigh myself before putting on my layers of clothing this morning. I drank five beers last night and my stomach isn’t happy about it.

The high temp today is 23 and will feel like 9 deg F. The wind is at 30 mph now and will slowly trail off but it’s not going to be a nice day. It snowed a bit but it’s kind of frozen. My sidewalk feels like there’s ice on top of the snow.

No workout last night. I feel much better after my emergency chiropractor visit yesterday morning.


Well, it was ridiculously cold today at work. Church was canceled so I didn’t have my typical busy evening. I had time to go work out, but I didn’t. I’m sitting by the fire now and being lazy. I’m quite content.

I think I’ll restart week 1 of my 5/3/1 template tomorrow but I’ll start with the workouts that I missed this week. I’ve been comparing this Boydbuild the Upper/Athlete the Lower and The Krypteia templates. I like the assistance supersets of Krypteia better than the layout of BB/Athlete. I’ll probably use those with the main work and FSL of BB/Athlete to speed things up and keep working on conditioning. I definitely won’t be doing goblet squats and SLDL’s but I should be able to do some SL RDL’s and lunges/split squats.



Woke at 233.6 lbs.

5/3/1 BB/Athlete Restart

run /walk
30/30, 50/20, 10, rest 2:10 x 3
9:50, 102 cals, 0.92 mi (ties best performance)

I feel like running faster results in less distance covered overall because I’m barely moving during the recovery. I started out slower today. I was under 11mph and I’ve been able to stay between 11.0-11.5 on the first run of the set. I guess the next step is to combine the faster running with faster walking.

145 x 5
165 x 5
190 x 5

60s x 10 x 5 sets

BW x 10 ea x 4 sets

60s x 10 x 4 sets

I ran this like Krypteia and alternated sets of split squats and DB RDLs with the bench work. It took me about 21 minutes and I stopped the timer at 24 minutes. I intended to do face pulls, abs, and triceps but I was kind of spent.

@littlesleeper, if you were weaker then your workouts would go faster! I only needed one warm up set to reach my working weights lol!

Another part of today was Thad the Kid Zone wasn’t open. It opens at noon on Sundays. I took my daughter so she could play and get out of the house. She ended up having to sit right next to me and watch. I finally let her play on my phone.

I felt bad for her so I took her to lunch and had some daddy - daughter time. I had a huge omelet with every ingredient in it and hash browns. I also had pancakes for breakfast today. I’m sure I’ve over eaten today but it was worth it.


21mins, you must have been flying!

And, breakfast looks delicious.


This is important J, good stuff.
Krypteia style 531 looks good, and if your beat up body can tolerate it then you’re good.
The variation lifts, looks good as well. I like how you do your FSL work with DB.


That was lunch!

And 21 minutes was the time I spent with the weights. I was plenty warm from running. I just had eight sets of bench with four sets of the assistance mixed in just like you’re doing. Light weights and bodyweight exercises help.

I like the supersets in Krypteia so I borrowed that aspect. The DBs are my own additions. My shoulder hurts a bit on the early reps of bench and OHP. The DBs let me find a pain free path and ROM. They also fit my bodybuilding desires better.

I almost ran the whole program with DBs but it’s kind of a pain going back and forth to the rack after each set.

Mort, I think I’d quit messing with 5/3/1 by the time you started a log and started participating in mine. If you saw my first affair with 5/3/1 then you’d know that I modify every single template I run :joy:. Jim would kill me but I don’t go around saying I’m running this program or that program so I won’t make it look bad if I don’t get results.

Tomorrow is 5s PRO with Hang SGHP in place of deadlifts followed by 10 x 5 FSL (10 sets of 5). That’ll get me 6-7 sets of DB Incline and Incline DB Row!



Woke at 234.4 lbs.

Today was supposed to be my high pull day but my hip/SI joint was out of whack this morning. My knee is hurting worse and worse on the stairs as it tries to bear more weight. I started to ask my wife her opinion on the matter and couldn’t even get the question out. She cut me off and told me I need to completely rest my hip for a couple weeks. She thinks my body will heal itself.

Rest means doing absolutely nothing with my lower body. No bike, elliptical, rower, etc. No bodyweight exercises. I don’t think it’ll make a difference but I can’t get any worse.

It looks like I’ll be enjoying upper body only sessions for a couple weeks - and no conditioning! I am disappointed about missing basketball though.

I might do a back session later today.


Rest and recovery, maybe and possibly surgery is waiting J.
Take care my friend.


The chiropractor wasn’t convinced that rest would fix all of my problems. He said I’ll probably feel better until I start running and lifting again. He’s a triathlete with a long history of injuries so he has good experiences to share.


So your body just keeps giving you the finger? That’s shitty. At least you got a solid chiro who can help you as much as possible