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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



I’m taking Wendler’s assistance format from 5/3/1 Forever and running it circuit style too. I both love and hate it.


I searched the forum for people who have asked for ideas when no prowler or sled is available. It seems the most common answer is to build your own rig for a sled. Well, I work out at a commercial gym so that won’t be happening. Running stairs is the only alternative that I found that I’m willing to do so I guess that’s what I’ll be doing two days a week. I’d rather push around the prowler.

Running hills is another good option but if I have access to a hill then that means I’m outside. If I’m going to take the time to do that then I could probably buy/build a prowler or sled and push it around at the house. I don’t want to do that though.

I have a new co-worker (rookie) who owns a gym. I think he has some strongman toys. I’m not sure if he has a prowler or sled but it’s quite possible. I’ll be doing workouts on Thursday and Friday before or after work which means I won’t have either of the kids and I could go to his place if I sign up.

The down side to these types of workouts is that I can’t do them during my lunch break. They’re too intense and I don’t really want to sweat that much and then have to go back to work. 30 minutes isn’t exactly enough time to warm up, crush a session, and shower.


Looks good man.

I can honestly say that I’ve never pushed a prowler in my entire life, so I’m kind of useless for what would be a good substitute for it. But, if I were doing it at home, I might do some lighter/higher rep tire flips instead to get a good cardio session in that still taxes my entire body.


You could roll your stones around the yard!

I think the reason Jim likes it so much is that it’s concentric movements only for the legs. There is a low risk of injury but it still wears you out.

If it’s only in the program for conditioning then I can easily find something else to get me out of breath. I suspect it’s there for conditioning and leg training. But I’m not really worried about my legs right now so I guess I could miss it and be fine.


Haha there is a sight.

Yeah, you’re likely correct here.


Turn off treadmill power, run on treadmill (if your gym allows it)


That sounds like the new treadmill I’ve been using!

We have a loaded carry machine that has a belt on it. You can even adjust the resistance which is basically a brake. I think it’s designed to grab the handles and just run. That might be better than stairs. There aren’t any controls so distance is impossible to measure - guess I’ll have to do it for time.


Can you set your fit bit to show zones?
Could do 10-20 seconds on red zone and then recover rinse and repeat


No. I have the Charge HR 2. It’s not fancy in terms of training. It doesn’t even have a timer. Everything just counts up. I can select different types of training - weight lifting, running, treadmill, generic workout, etc, but it’s nothing like a Garmin.


I’m a fan of the treadmill pushes, but some treadmills get moving too fast (even turned off) to provide the right stimulus. The ones at the gym in my building don’t work. Loaded carries always wear out my grip and traps before cardio. Hills for sure. Stairs (two at a time) is the same idea, though a little tougher on body than hills. Super heavy KB swings (100# or more) for sets of 10-15 is killer for me.



This is what I can use. I don’t have to use the carry part - I can grab the front handles and run.


Thought this could interest you:


Your gym has one of these crazy contraptions? Cool.


I’ll have to wait til I get back home to watch that, but thanks.

Yep. We have lots of cool toys. They do a good job of buying new stuff (even if the old stuff is still good).



Woke at 234.8 lbs.

5/3/1 BB/Athlete

C1 W1 D2


4 x 5

25 lb x 10 x 2

90 x 5
105 x 5
115 x 5

FSL - Nope!
Update below.

95 x 10 x 3 sets
superset with
60s x 10 x 3 sets

270 x 20 x 3 sets
superset with
45 x 10 x 3 sets

115 x 15 (1.5 reps)
115 x 10F/10T/10B

70 x 10F/10T/10B
80 x 10F/10T/10B

CURLS - Nope!


Hip Update
Today has not been a great day (and I haven’t even been to the doctor yet). I’m not sure what happened but it seems like several things have all come to light so at once.

I had my weekly appointment with my chiropractor. My pelvis was rotated. I could feel that and was happy to be adjusted. After my appointment I went to the gym. I could feel my SI joint slip on the first step to go up the stairs. In addition to that my left knee hurts. It’s been popping when going down the stairs but I thought it was just some tightness. It usually goes away with foam rolling and mobility work - not this time. Today was the first time that I really felt the connection between my hip and knee. And I mean literal connection. I could feel the pull originating in the hip.

My body is guarding my hip with everything it’s got. They muscles are super tight and none of my tissue work has improved it. I’m convinced that I have a legitimate injury. It’s the only explanation. We’ll see what the doctor says today.

I share this just as an informative post. I’m not upset or complaining about it. I just wanted to keep you all in the loop. This is a training log, after all.


I don’t want to like that post J.
Really hope the Doc can figure it out.


I’m about to head out the door now. I have a feeling I already know how the appointment is going to go though. We’ve already been here.


Hip Update
Well, big surprise, I’m getting another MRI. The doctor said my problem could be one of three things.

  1. We missed the actual problem the first time around and found a torn labrum and fixed that instead.
  2. Adhesions formed on the femur where he shaved down the bone. After 4-6 months they go from soft and spongy to being hard. If present then they could be causing problems.
  3. I reinjured it.

If the MRI doesn’t show something then the doc might refer me to someone else for a fresh perspective. I actually hope the MRI shows something because it will give me an answer. If there’s nothing there then we’ll also be having a discussion about modifying my activity for the sake of my hip. There are certain things that I want to do but I don’t actually need to do those things (deadlift, for example). The worst part of that is that it doesn’t explain or fix the tight muscles surrounding my hip.

I told him about my attempts to alleviate the tightness and pain and the doctor said I’m probably chasing my tail.


Hang in there brother. At least you are getting more information to decide which way you want to go…


Really consider finding a PT from clinical athlete. They’re in another league. You dont have to do this on your own. If it was just one ailment you can probably stumble your way to a fix, but you’ve got multiple. I wouldn’t even consider a typical PT/Med Dr to help me rehab what you’re dealing with. Plus you will cut the rehab time drastically bc these guys get to the root cause much quicker and on the path to recovery.

It’s just 1 phone call.