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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



I’m really a 500 lb dude stuck in a regular dude’s body. I’d eat at the buffet every day if I could, but I choose to be fit and healthy instead of satisfying my food cravings.


I ate until I hated myself, and looking back now, I still wish I had tried to eat more. It’s not often that I find myself in a house with essentially unlimited amounts of food, so I feel like I failed unless I set a gluttony PR


Same! Food is awesome.


I’m glad you’re feeling pretty good after that workout. Dropping squats was definitely the way to go.

I get joint pain I my left hip too, which is because my right leg is shorter after the injury and the orthotic I use isn’t completely effective. All that to say, maybe you right leg is a smidge shorter than your left, causing your left hip to work more than the right and over-stressing it.

I can tell I need a new orthotic (they mash down over time) when regular exercise like lifting or jogging makes my left hip hurts. Just a thought for you. A good orthopedic or orthotic shoe inserts maker can check your hips’ height and tell if they’re not aligned.


“Fake news” is probably the best response to that steaming pile :joy:


I just hope that whatever drug made those chickens so big has a residual effect on me. Bring on the HGH!!!


Just think about the magical healing properties!!!



Woke at 241.8 lbs again. I was hoping to be in the 240’s but oh, well. I could not satisfy my hunger last night. I had some chicken and my stomach started growling 30 minutes later. I had a PB&J sandwich and the same thing. I had 1.75 scoops of casein protein and I still wasn’t full but I didn’t feel like I was starving. That could have something to do with being heavier than I’d hoped.

I’m hungry again today. I’m hoping these new circuit style workouts are shocking my body a bit. I might not be losing weight but hopefully I’m still improving. I’m saving an official cut for January since I’m going to do the T-ransformation Challenge.

Daily Dose Deads tonight after work.


Daily Dose

3 x 10

185 x 5 x 2 sets
235 x 2
275 x 1
295 x 1 x 5 sets
This might be a little light. It doesn’t feel as difficult as my 375 lb conventional Deadlift, but I’m alright with it for now. It’s kind of nice to have a lighter day.



Woke at 240.4 lbs so I’ve officially recovered from Thanksgiving. I’d be doing a lot better if I could stop eating crap multiple times a week. Yesterday I had two donuts for no reason. I wasn’t even hungry.




Oh, yeahhh




Who am I kidding? The whole damn workout was conditioning.

RUNNING (5:43)
Run the straightaway, walk the curve x 6 (3 laps)
Legs felt tired today.

225 x 2
275 x 1
315 x 1
375 x 1 x 5 sets

CIRCUIT #1 4 ROUNDS (8:43)
Hang Clean Pull 275 x 3
DB OHP 50s x 8
Hanging Knee Raise x 10

CIRCUIT #2 3 ROUNDS (5:36)
Jump Squat x 5
Push Ups x 15
Cable Row 140 x 15 pronated grip

40 x 20, 10

I’m sitting here trying to recover as I write this. I’m battling the urge to puke. I may have been a bit over zealous today. I guess I want to go from fat to fit in one day.



Woke at 239.6 lbs. I’m beat up today. All I’ve done today is get out of bed and I can tell that my legs are trashed. My lower back is very sore. I got a stretch by just sitting up in bed.

I plan to play basketball at the Y but a small (and possibly wiser) part of me thinks I should just stay home and relax.

I called my chiro who does the ART tissue work and I can’t get in til next Tuesday. My SI joint is still out of place. I think it’s been two weeks now. I might go see my chiro who does the dry needling work if she has a spot today.

I’m happy to see the 230s on the scale again. There’s a small part of me that’s ready to push a cut (as I’ve probably made pretty clear already), but I’m being motivated by more than my physique goals now. My sleep has been trash for a week straight. I have mild to moderate sleep apnea when I sleep on my back. I’m good if I sleep on my side or stomach, but my shoulder is killing me when I do either of those. I wake up in pain and with a numb arm.

My wife confirmed that my snoring had gotten worse as I have gained weight (but surprise). That means my sleep apnea has probably gotten worse too. If I can sleep better by losing weight then it’s probably a good move.

Another thing I need to do is find a dentist covered by my medical insurance because I can get a mouth guard that treats apnea. I tried the CPAP a few years ago and hated it. My dentist is in-network for my dental insurance but not my medical insurance. The sleep apnea device is free through my medical insurance if I stay in-network or $700 if I don’t.

First world problems…


I’m headed to the chiropractor and taking the day off. My lower back is beat up and this will help. My hip has also been hurting constantly and I’m hoping some needling will help. It’s muscle pain but it makes it hard to fall asleep at night.


I did kick my boy friend out of the bed room when his snoring got bad due to the weight gain.
Even my sleep got better :grin:


Today was a weird day. I didn’t have much of an appetite so I went with it. I had three shakes of casein protein (1.75 scoops each) throughout the day. I finally ate a little after five at our monthly FOP meeting. I had some chili and three half sandwiches along with two large cookies.

I also stopped at the liquor store on the way home and subsequently drank four New Belgium beers. I think this is how intermittent fasting works. You starve all day and then binge, right? :laughing:



Woke at 240.4 lbs.

I had a conversation with my wife last night about how I’m in constant pain in my hip and the surrounding muscles. The short version is that she thinks I should just shut everything down to let it heal. I can’t imagine doing that. No running. No lifting. No basketball. No fitness of any kind. I didn’t even shut it down after surgery; I kept training upper body and my good leg.

I don’t know what to do. I’m not ready for any more surgeries. Work can’t afford to lose me because we’re already short. We’ve lost four people on my shift since summer started and they won’t replace them.

I’ll probably keep ignoring it and continue being in pain all the time.


ignoring pain from injury is silly. that’s exactly how it gets even worse.


I know what I would say you should do… And I know what I should do if I was in your situation…
But on the other hand I know what I would do and what you probably are going to do.
I do think I wouldn’t squat, but I’m not even sure about that.
I hope you find your way to a fit and healthy living.
Going full Belgian beer is not the worst thing.