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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



How did your squats feel?


They hurt and cause my hip to ache for hours afterwards. It hurts right now. I might have to rethink doing those if I’m going to avoid or at least put off another surgery.


That’s an indicator of something to avoid…

This times 100.


I know. I have this paranoid fear that if I don’t do certain things then I’ll get weak and lose muscle or at the very least I’ll get imbalances. It’s what drives me to do a big quad movement, a hip movement, a single leg movement, a hamstring focused movement, and on and on. That’s why my workouts get longer and longer. I don’t want to miss anything.

I can’t really justify why I do this. I want to look muscular and balanced. I want to be strong. I want to perform well. I want to be healthy. And I like it when my workouts are less than an hour (which is why I like the big compound movements).

You’ll probably see me keep adjusting things in the coming weeks as I try to find something I can do consistently with my schedule. I might try to find a way to work conditioning into my lifting with complexes, circuits, or a WOD like workout.

For example Friday could be a circuit like this:

Clean Pulls
Push Ups
Walking Lunges
Pull Ups
OHP/Push Press (if it doesn’t hurt)
Run a lap (~270 m)

I just made that up but it doesn’t look too bad. I’d probably add some ab work and a shoulder isolation movement but I think that session could still be short and sweet.

I’m not going to add muscle mass. I guess that means I just need to use what I have enough to maintain it (which means I don’t have to stress about doing a certain number of exercises per muscle group). I want to improve my conditioning while cutting this flab. And I want to increase my deadlift.

Hmmm… I might be on to something here. Daily Dose of Deadlift + weightlifting oriented WOD + shoulder isolation.

I spend waaaayyy too much time planning/writing workouts. :laughing:



Woke at 240.6 lbs. As you can see above my wheels are turning this morning.


It’s definitely fun. The few that I’ve written for myself didn’t pan out because I assumed that I would have perfect recovery throughout the whole thing…not the case! It’s cool to write workouts and programs, but what would be even cooler is if there was a personalized simulation, so that we didn’t have to spend 6-12 weeks on it just to find out that it doesn’t work like we hoped it would lol


Do you have access to a leg extension thing and does it hurt.
Deadlift and cleans takes more than care about the posterior chain + a little quad as well.
Leg ext. would take care of quads.
At home you could do RFESS.

Your focus to be athletic, strong and lean is a very good goal to chase. When you get there, you might have sorted all the issues out so you could start chasing numbers again.


Yes and yes. It irritates my patellar tendons after awhile. I used it when I couldn’t fully lift during my hip recovery and I had a little patellar tendonitis when I was finally released to run. RFESS and walking lunges are more than enough to handle my quads as well as some deeper hip flexion and glute work.

This would only work on robots because you never know that 6 weeks of X exercise is going to irritate Y tendon and cause you to ditch it. It’d be cool to find a program that allowed you to input your current stats (physical size, PR’s, etc) and your goals and then it would spit out a program to fit your schedule.

Lots of coaches have written about ratios. For every push you need X amount of pulls. I could use the bare minimum ratios right now to keep my sessions trimmed down. I have shoulder problems but it’s not from an imbalance so I’m going to try a minimalist approach on things that I used to emphasize.

Weird New Shoulder Overhaul + Daily Dose Workout

5 min L5

135 x 5
225 x 2
255 x 2
295 x 1 x 5 sets

CIRCUIT (2 rounds)
Hang SGHP 135 x 6 x 2
Push Press 135 x 6 x 2 (supposed to be OHP but too heavy after the pulls)
Walking Lunges BW x 15 ea, BW x 10 ea
Side Crunch BW x 15 ea x 2
Pull Ups BW x 6 x 2
Push Ups BW x 15 x 2
Exercise Bike x 1/2 mile Level 5 in 2:02 and 2:09
Time: 13:20

This was good. My HR was 150+ when I got on the bike in round two. I intended to do four rounds but I needed a breather. During that breather I realized this is the first day I’ve done this and 13+ minutes of continuous exercise was a good start so I called it there.

Cable Lat Raise 15 x 10 x 3 sets
Rev Cable Press Down 50 x 10F/10B/10T x 2 sets
L Arm Cable Curl 25 x 15 x 2 sets

2 games and they were quick. I think I played for about 17 minutes.


Agreed, I wasn’t implying that it was feasible or realistic at all. Just that in 1,000 years if the earth is still habitable and technology has advanced far enough, they’ll be able to do things like that hahaha.

That would be pretty sweet. I’m sure someone has something similar in the works right now if it doesn’t already exist.


I think that you would have to pair up with a coach.

There are some apps that can do that, but it’s standard programs like 531.


Where’s the research that answers the question “What is the least amount of work I have to do to keep from shrinking?”


Here’s 3 dudes talking about that.


I hear you. What helped me is reading the Little House series. Those pioneers were incredibly strong without ever touching a barbell. Modernly, farmers are still super strong. I force myself to compare each exercise to real-world movements to maintain perspective, assessi g whther it’s a motion I’ll do at some point or if it’s only a gym thing without any therapy value.

Do you ever feel like like exercising can become overly complicated? I do, which is why I’m doing the daily dose.

Heck yes! I like trying this and that, and I’ve read you say you do the same. Plus, your joint issues are forcing you to adapt.

Nonsense. Try Paul Carter’s 350 for accessories (three sets, light weight, two minutes’ rest between sets, goal is 50 total reps.) My joints feel great when I add high rep isolation movements and calisthenics to my barbell and dumbbell workouts. It may work that way for you, too.

I really like your idea of the comlexes for conditioning. My favorite is some variation of 10 rounds of 225-pound deadlifts for five reps, jumping rope for 30 seconds, and push-ups for five sets, then light db rows or pullups for five sets. You’re right, there are infinite possibilities.


I say this because I’m not eating to gain right now but I’m hoping to shift some weight to my delts. I’ll look into it. I’ve seen this but never tried it. And two minutes rest? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I did a WOD in July that included 10 reps of 225 on deadlifts + rowing + burpees + jump rope (not in that order. It might’ve has something else. All I remember it’s that each round has a time limit and it crushed me.

For the first time ever I can do this without messing anything up. I’ll keep my daily dose deadlifts but everything else can change weekly and it won’t mess anything up because I’m not running a dedicated program. It’s kind of nice.

I just always thought I was chasing too many goals at once. I want it all but when I train that way I find that the workouts take forever and it’s easy to miss workouts.

In the past I struggled with CrossFit style workouts because I was still focusing on strength work. This or that WOD would interfere with tomorrow’s strength session. I’m going to do a full body session Mon/Wed/Fri so I don’t have to worry about that. I’ll mostly create my own complexes with the goal of hitting each muscle group. The trick is doing it in a way that doesn’t require much equipment because a full round takes too long to really hog the equipment in a commercial gym.



Woke at 241.6 lbs.

I’m sore today. My lower back is beat up and I think my SI joint is out of alignment. I plan to just play basketball today. I’ll do another circuit and my daily dose tomorrow.



4 games in a row of pick up today. I felt terrible! I thought I’d feel decent since I didn’t do anything beforehand but I had a couple of extended bursts of energy in the first game and it took awhile to recover. My legs were burning and I was gassed.


The Daily Dose says it takes a bit to adjust to the high frequency. It said there would be days where I would feel tired and beat up. I thought that wouldn’t happen to me. I already Deadlift twice a week with much higher weights. I won’t get worn down.

Well, I’m worn down! I’m sure my added circuit didn’t help but I’m going to keep doing them. I’m up to 80% tomorrow for deadlifts. I gotta get into better shape. I think I’ve been (or still am) delusional about my conditioning.



Woke at 240.2 lbs. I’d like to keep dropping weight but I’m not exactly trying. I’ve been eating the leftover Halloween candy and I haven’t followed the guidelines of The Abs Diet as well as I should. I’ve mostly been eating less frequently and bigger portions. I need to break it up and have a steady source of fuel instead of getting behind and then stuffing myself.

I feel beat up today. Deadlifts will probably hurt but it’s 80% so I’ll be fine. I’m leaning towards a cruise on the elliptical for conditioning today. BUT, I need to lift. I’ll still probably try to throw together a circuit.


I hope you Daily Dose is gonna go good J.
A bit of elliptical would probably be good. Does it bother the hip?
I think doing both squat and DL as DD might be a bit too much.


Elliptical is a good pain free option. I didn’t do it today though. I can’t run the Daily Dose with squats. I’m scrapping those due to hip pain. I think a guy could combine squats and deads and alternate them on the Daily Dose.