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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



Thanks! I figure that if I’m going to log stuff then it should be detailed. That takes all the guess work out for anyone who might be following and curious about the things that I do. I see people asking for clarification and details in other logs and threads such as calories, macros, conditioning, etc. And those who don’t care about the details can just skim right on past that stuff.

I don’t travel for work much but I still struggle to get a complete training week most of the time. I kill it Mon-Wed and then things fall apart the rest of the week because I’m not willing to sacrifice my evenings with the family. That leaves me rushing in the morning, during my lunch break, or when I get home from work to squeeze in a solid session and at least salvage the week. I make it a point to beat myself up plenty when I have the time so I probably don’t need to do as much during the latter half of the week.

As you may have seen, I don’t lift on Tuesdays but I go to the Y anyway so my daughter can play with her little friend at the Kid Zone. I have a two hour time limit so I make good use of it and force myself to do conditioning work.

We may not have stage worthy physiques but maintaining some strength and a decent appearance while working full time and balancing a family is still a win in my book.


Here’s the plan for the next three weeks. I had to go back and review some stuff in the Beyond 5/3/1 book. Long story short, I haven’t been pushing myself with my lifts. I was kind of doing Training Maximally but then I started having symptoms/pain from my bulged disc and my shoulder started hurting. To avoid making things worse I’ve kind of backed off and have been just going for stimulating the muscles but there hasn’t really been much progression. At least 5/3/1 takes the guess work out of it. As you can see there’s no OHP but there’s definitely some power cleans!


Do you know what weight were were in each of these pictures? (yes, I’m too lazy to scroll through myself and find them)

Looks like whatever weight you lost was all fat! Nice work.


Of course!

10.6.17 I was 232.4 lbs.
11.11.17 I was 227.8 lbs (but somehow 231 the next day lol)
And then today coming in at 222 even.

I’ve observed something strange during the process. If I get up to piss a couple times during the night then I have a good morning weigh-in. I’m not sure if it’s just due to getting more fluids out or if we actually piss out the fast we’re eliminating. I once worked with a serious weight loss program as the trainer and they always told the participants to drink tons of water because the body pees out the fat as it’s broken down and used.

Either way the silver lining to an interrupted night of sleep is the scale in the morning.


Holy shit, a full 10lbs? Very nice!


Yep. Today is 10 lbs since I officially started cutting which was a couple days after Halloween.

The sad thing and real question is how the hell did I gain 10 lbs of fluff so fast?

I was 220.8 lbs on 9.13.17 and my next weigh-in was 9.18.17 and I was 229.8 lbs!

I don’t recall going on a food and beverage binge that week.


It appears you can gain OR lose rather swiftly.

I consider myself to also be fortunate in being able to gain or lose weight rather quickly, but you definitely have me beat!


It’s just too bad none of that is muscle…


Oh come on, let’s be hopeful here. At least an ounce was muscle. One ounce at a time!


not a DRASTIC change but very noticeable for sure. Trimmed up the midline quite a bit.


Dude, this had me rolling! That’s brilliant!


Did you start creatine in there anywhere? I know initially, creatine will draw a lot more water into your muscles so I’ve always gone +5 or so in the first week of starting back on it.


I am the typical hard gainer… If I ain’t pounding the food, I am staying the same damn weight.

Used to piss me off because I cared then more about the scale weight than body comp but now that I’m older I’m just looking to be a lean, strong, BAMF like the rest of you jack-wagons.

Looks like @JMaier31 is headed in the right direction for sure (body comp) slow and steady is probably the best way to go since you’re not trying to be stage ready by a certain date.


I actually did start taking creatine at that time. I blamed that for the rapid gain but when I quit taking it (which was immediately) the weight never left. I attributed it to water but apparently it wasn’t all water.


You’re trimmer in the last pic. Not by a ton, but it’s noticeable.


I’m getting there. I can tell a difference in my abs. 10 more lbs ought to do the trick. I’m just trying to get lean enough to safely and slowly bulk.


Training at Home

The boy has a slight fever and he’ll get kicked out of the Kid Zone so we just stayed home. I had a good workout although it seemed shorter and easier than my usual sessions. Jim says to leave feeling accomplished, not destroyed. I tend to get carried away and fail at following that advice.

Full Body Week 4, 5/3/1 Week 1

Neutral Pull-ups
10, 10, 10, 8, 6, 6
So all of my pull-ups are neutral grip now. The pronated grip hurts my shoulder. I still use the same or close to the same width for my grip.

Deadlift (5/3/1)
185 x 5 x 2
235 x 5
265 x 5
305 x 15—turns out that this is an estimated 1RM PR of 499 lbs. I had more in the tank but told myself 15 reps and really didn’t care to do more than that lol

Seated DB OHP
45s x 10 x 5 sets

165 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 5

Reverse Fly
Black band x 15 x 3

Face Pull
Black Band x 15 x 3

I will be squatting everyday now. One day is the usual 5/3/1 and the other is the 5s day without PR sets and the 5/3/1 week without PR sets. Today highlighted how weak my squat is… SMH


I think your arms are looking more full. Have you added any size to them lately?


Followed you on Insta as cdmcallister24

Looking good man!!


I haven’t checked but I doubt it. They’re usually 39 to 40 cm which is where they were October 24th when I measured. They got up to 42 cm in July 2016 when I was weighing 233 lbs.

I’m guessing I just eliminated some water or glycogen storage so the definition is better.