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Becoming Jackie Moon! (JMaier31)



Here’s the old and more common version:


Why wouldn’t you just use a hyper extension and do the back extension deadlifts? That looks like the 5th exercise selection for old people in their machine workouts.


I said it was a new toy. It was next to the crunch machine. I was ready to leave but forced myself to do a bit more for my core so I tried it out.


4.18.17 (Push)

Still trying to find a way to be productive while not aggravating my hip.

Bench (Layers System)

  1. 4x6 second isometric presses w/ bar about 2 inches above 90 degree elbow position
  2. 185x2, 205x2, 225x2, 245x2, 265x2, 270x2 (worked up to a 2RM)
  3. 3x4-6 reps with 90% of 2RM (245lbs today). Rest 10-12 seconds between EVERY rep, 2 minutes between sets. 3x4 w/ 245. Felt like I could’ve done 5 on each set but had no spotter and no safety bars.
  4. 3x6-8 reps w/ 70% of 2RM (185lbs today). 4-5 second eccentric, accelerate on concentric. Managed 3x6 w/ 185lbs.
  5. 1 set of mid-range reps with 50% 2RM. Stop just shy of the chest and lockout to keep constant tension. 3 seconds on eccentric and concentric. Manged to get 9 reps with 135lbs

Narrow Squats (4 and 3 Hole–I placed the safety bars 4 holes below the racked position, then moved it up to 3 as I went)

(4 Hole) 2x5 w/ 225, 2x5 w/ 245, 275x5, 295x3, 315x3
(3 Hole) 335x3, 355x3, 375x3

Standing DB Millitary (combo set with squats)
55’sx5, 9x5 w/ 45’s

Conditioning–This was a learning experience… Boy, did I suck.

Bodyweight Circuit for Time:
-100 lunges
-75 jumping jacks
-50 jump squats (modified to 1/2 jump squats due to my hip…and fatigue)
-25 pull-ups
-50 push-ups
-75 sit-ups
-100 squats (abs were cramping from sit-ups so these were fun)

Took me 24:40! Holy hell. I thought I was doing a 5-10 minute cardio session. I made sure to finish all reps on each exercise before moving on. Would have been much faster to knock out a set of each and then repeat but I don’t think that’s how it’s meant to be done.

Came home and ate a 12+ ounce T-Bone steak and a cup of oatmeal (only carbs easily available today). I feel a little better but I’m still smoked.



I don’t know what was going on yesterday but I weight 224.8 lbs this morning which is more in line with where I’ve been. I was 227.8 lbs yesterday AFTER breakfast and a bit sit-down trip to the bathroom so maybe I was a bit backed up. Typically don’t see a 1.6 lb loss after breakfast so that must’ve been some movement.

My son woke me up at 5:50 which gave the wife and I time to bust out the calipers and do some pinching. My body fat came in at 10.88%. I’m skeptical but I look at the measurements and I think they’re accurate. I’m carrying extra skin from my 240+ days. I’m also carrying my fat on my back which is disappointing to say the least. I’ll post some progress pics from my phone in a bit.

Today is going to be an active rest day. I’ll take the kids to the Y and shoot baskets or do some low intensity cardio. My legs are sore as F from yesterday’s conditioning. I’m not sure how it’ll make me better (in terms of strength) but at least I can do BW lunges to failure while I avoid things that hurt my hip.


For anyone curious here’s an equation that I take a look at every once in a while:

I found this in a detailed article about predicting your genetic potential. It’s been applied in reverse to bodybuilding champions of the past (dating back to the 1930’s and 40’s). I’m not sure how they found the measurements for those guys but I’d guess you could find a known object in a photo and use it to scale everything else? Either way it gives me something to look at and actually keeps me a little more sane. I always want to be bigger because that’s what I see everywhere, but from this equation my max lean body weight is around 211 lbs and max overall body weight is 237 at 11% body fat. If my body fat measurements from this morning are close at all then I can somehow gain another 12 lbs of lean mass. I think to get to that point I might need to hire a coach and nutritionist to really dial in my nutrition…like no more beer, pizza, cookies, etc. I don’t think I’m ready.

The Flame-Free Confession Thread II

Some older photos…

Here’s one from early 2007 during my internship at the Olympic Training Center…weight topped out at 247 that semester.

September 19, 2014 (weight was 224.8 on 9/15 & 223.2 on 9/30)


And today…

A couple things I noticed… I’m pale. I think my spine/hip is out of alignment (still). It looks like I have that “head forward” posture in the back view. And what little fat I have, I carry on my back and that sucks.

Here ya go, @MarkKO! Figured I’d put it out there since you did!

Natty on Pennies

Your back is wide! Tapered waist too.


Thanks! That’s always been the goal. I always thought 2007 was my best physique–at one point I weighed 231 at 8% body fat (tested by the head strength coach of the USOC in Lake Placid). These photos show me that I’ve kept decent mass up top while trimming some excess.

Note that the '07 photo was during my bulking phase which was glorious at the Training Center.


4.18.17 Training

28 min
4 min @ Level 1 Incline 4 followed by 4 min @ Level 8 Incline 10.

Hanging leg raises
10, 8, 8

Walk at 3.5 Incline til I covered 1 mile. Took 14:16.

Hanging leg raises
10, 8


??? This confused me.


If I understand correctly…

Total 28mins
Level 1, Incline 4 for 4mins
Level 8, Incline 10 for 4mins
Level 1, Incline 4 for 4mins
Level 8, Incline 10 for 4mins
Level 1, Incline 4 for 4mins
Level 8, Incline 10 for 4mins
Level 1, Incline 4 for 4mins

Took me a couple reads to picture it as well :wink:


Oh right.
Haven’t been on an Elliptical in 8 months so can’t remember the setting things.


Sorry about that. I was lazy. I picked the fat interval program and it ran me through what @littlesleeper listed.


Disclaimer: this is more of a journal type entry… it might get a little long-winded.

I’ve been lifting seriously since I was about 17. I started taking the high school weights class as soon as they’d let us which was sophomore year. The weightlifting “coach” was an assistant football coach who looked like a failed bodybuilder or power lifter. To us he was huge. He would write the workouts on the board for each day and we’d do whatever we wanted regardless. I enjoyed hang clean more than anything… probably because I wasn’t too bad at it. Sophomore I weighed 185 and was 6’2" to 6’4"… don’t remember. I benched my weight early in the year and began to progress steadily. Never squatted though. After my junior year I decided I was going to pack on some muscle for a change. I weight 200-204 at the end of the school year. I was on creatine and starting taking a protein powder by the name of Heavy Weight Gainer 900. It had over 900 calories per serving. My older brother was into bodybuilding so I consulted with him and decided that I’d skip the high school football workouts and lift with him and his roommate at a commercial gym instead. I told the coaches and all they could say was “Well as long as you’re lifting somewhere…” but I could see the doubt and frustration in their eyes.

So that summer my brother and I made our plan. 6 days a week of a bodybuilding split: chest/tri’s, back/shoulders/bi’s, legs, repeat. We did high volume. We also devised a plan to get me some Winstrol and start a 6 week cycle July 1. I trained and ate garbage but ate a lot. I worked landscaping all day and played baseball most nights of the week and all weekend. May and June passed and I gained a few pounds. 208…210. July rolled around and my brother and I never revisited the steroid option. I was gaining weight and progressing so I didn’t push it, but I was wanting to progress faster. I kept working, kept training hard, and kept making progress into July. By this time I was lifting on my own or with a teammate. We went to Steamboat Springs for a week long tournament and access to the gym was way too expensive so I decided to take a week off. I quit taking my creatine and protein shakes and even caved to my lust for beer. I let a couple friends talk me into drinking…and drinking heavily a couple nights while we were gone. I was finally 212 when we arrived. By the time I returned home from the tournament I was back to 208…which sucked.

I picked up where I left off and resumed creatine and lifting like I hadn’t missed a day. After a week I weighed over 212… and then 218… and finally before school started in August, 220. The goal at the start of the summer was 20lbs… and I finally made it.

I returned to school for football and was clearly the only one who made any significant improvements. In the spring I was slated to be a defensive back. By the end of week 1 I was a defensive end and tight end…and kept getting bigger. 222 at the start of the season. I was 6’5" now and basically a monster for an 18 year old. The season came and went and we went 0-9…awful. No one discussed football with me so I signed with Wichita State to play baseball during the early signing period (in the fall). I dislocated my right knee in week 7 of the season and ended up being on the DL into basketball season. I missed the first basketball game. I continued to do my bodybuilding split. I had weightlifting one day and I was a teacher’s aid on the other day and I’d sneak off to the weight room and get my workout done before my next class. I was obsessed. My weight actually climbed to 236 in the early stages of the basketball season…and I was only doing leg press with my left leg due to my knee injury. It was a glorious time and needless to say I’ve been hooked ever since.

I went to Wichita State in the fall of 2003 and continued to grow…all the way to 245 by mid-semester (up 15-20 lbs since school started). I was there to pitch so coaches kind of freaked out but I maintained 240lbs or more until September of 2006 with the exception of a shoulder surgery in 2004. I dropped to 215ish but gained it all back as soon as I was released. In 2006 I tried The Abs Diet (book by Men’s Health). I lost 15 lbs and 2% body fat the first month. I had a 6 pack…and again I became fixated with my physique. But this time it wasn’t all about sheer size; I wanted definition.

The reason I write all of this is because I had a vain/conceited moment today. I had to wait until after work to get in my workout. I took some pre-workout with caffeine and a volumizing pre-workout along with some BCAA’s. I felt freaking jacked during my workout. I was amped up and getting a great pump. I haven’t experienced that feeling since the early days of BSN’s NO Xplode. I was also lifting shirtless for the first time ever. The reason I say I had a vain/conceited moment is because I always feel like people are shoving their physique photos down your throat on social media. Posing this way and that and posting half naked pics daily/weekly. People look great and I appreciate their accomplishments but part of me always feels like it’s a cry for attention… maybe, maybe not.

Today I had one of those moments and I decided to go with it. I’ve been busting my ass since I was in my teens. I’ve built a pretty damn good physique. I’m no competitor but I feel like I look pretty good every day of the week. There’s no prep or cutting for me. This is daily living. I fluctuate 5-10 lbs throughout the year but that’s it. Why should I feel guilty for showing off occasionally? Why shouldn’t I be proud and show people what I’ve done? Well, I think maybe it’s perfectly OK to show off occasionally. It’s OK to say, “check this shit out.”

I’ve always beat myself up because I can’t obtain the physique that I see in the media. The shirtless workouts being photographed and published like they’re average Joe’s. Just work hard enough and you can do it. I hear the same thing from the strength crowd. If you’re dedicated enough then you can do it. Here I am unable to do it and unable to look the way they do after years of hard work. So how do I feel? Shitty. Should I? Absolutely not.

I realized today during my shirtless workout that I’m there. I’ve achieved my goal. I’ve just never been able to see it. So for those of you still with me, here’s my conceited moment. Here’s some shirtless workout action for ya (in my next post).

Sorry if I come off a bit vein… but not really.


4.20.17 (pull)

Power Clean (dropped the weights to work on my catch)
245x2 (and this is my limit for the form I’m going for)
5x2 @ 235lbs

Snatch Grip Deadlift (this was a new one for me)
EMOM for 10 minutes

2x10, 10-3-3 (double rest/pause)

Reverse Grip Bent-Over Row
6x5 @ 205

Today was a good day!


Thanks for sharing your lifting background, it seems a lot of us on here have some interesting training backgrounds dating back to high school.

You’ve built a great physique and it’s obvious you have years of lifting under your belt. Shouldn’t be ashamed to show it off!


I think there’s a line between being humble, modest, and confident versus egocentric, self-indulged, and cocky.

I think we all deserve to show the world the results of our sacrifice and dedication!

…but I’ll be sure that I don’t start walking around naked all the time. I don’t think anyone wants to see nude power cleans. LOL


I know you said you were 6’5" earlier but those numbers were abstract until I saw the videos. I’m guessing you don’t do clean and jerks, snatches, or overhead presses in your basement. :laughing: Also, is that why you use the wide grip on the deadlifts?