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Becoming Canis dirus - SvenG's Training Log

Friday - 04 June 2021
Workout: Supplemental

Cindy - AMRAP, 20 minutes
a) 5 Chin-ups/pull-ups
b) 10 Push-ups
c) 15 Air squats

Made it through 16 full rounds today. Learned my lesson from last week and was a more bit careful about pacing: EMOM for the first seven rounds, but once the rest period began to creep close to minute marker, I went ahead and rested a bit longer before kicking into next round.

As before: Full ROM movements, alternating strict supinated chins and strict NG pull-ups.

Had about 45 seconds left after the 16th round, but I was sucking wind so bad I couldn’t even stand up straight to get onto the bar. It’s too bad, too, because I may have had a few chins left in me.

Now for some lunch, and then maybe I’ll cut the grass.

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I did cut the grass. Also got a 40-minute walk in this evening after dinner, just after this arrived:

which will turn into this:

just as soon as I assemble it tomorrow.


BDWP - PI - c1w3d6 - 85.0% tmax

Saturday - 05 June 2021
Workout: Push 3, 0705-0755 (50 minutes)

a) SL CR - mtor - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + isofail: 32s
b) DB split squat - mtor - 35x6, 40x6 | 45x6 + isofail: 25s
c) Inc DB press - dset - 50x6, 60x6 | 60x6 + 50x8 + 40x10
d) Inc front raise - mtor - 12x6, 15x6 | 20x6 + isofail: 24s
e) Rope pushdown - dset - 25x6, 30x6 | 30x6 + 25x8 + 20x10
f) Quad vac - 3x60s

40-minute walk yesterday after dinner, early (fasted) workout this morning.

No pre-workout walk today, will get first walk in during kids’ swimming practice later this morning and another after dinner.

Glad the workout is done; they’ve been murder this week. Everything went alright, but still glad it’s in the books. Ready for the deload…

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Congratulations on the progress! Although I’m exercising at a very different (much lighter) level than you are, I also know that leaden feeling of dread when you’re faced with a workout you know is going to be tough, and while you’re doing it, you have to talk yourself through it to keep going.

You made it! Well done!

Thanks, man! Sometimes you gotta grind just to get started.

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60-minute walk during kids’ swim practice. Then I assembled the sled:

I took it for a quick spin up and down my driveway: Solid, smooth, quiet. Like, surprisingly quiet. Got the plastic skis to save wear and tear on my asphalt, but I think they probably reduce the noise quite significantly as well. My only concern at this point: how quickly will those wear out? At $70 for the kit, it’s not the end of the world if I have to replace them frequently—I just hope not too frequently.

Anyway, this sled rocks. Even pushing it around unloaded made me fell badass.

Definitely excited to experiment with this once I finish up BDWP (one more week to go!), and I’m really looking forward to some hard conditioning once I start 5/3/1 programming (late June, after vacation).


BDWP - PI - c1w3 - summary

Sunday - 06 June 2021
Metrics: 180.0/36.25/17.3% at 0535

Down 3.8 lbs from last Sunday, which isn’t bad. Didn’t clean up my diet from the long holiday weekend as quickly as I hoped, and I’m not sure how much of that drop is just water weight and bloat, but I think my diet the latter half of the week was pretty good. Wish size was coming off my waist, though—that makes it feel like fat loss. Just need to keep my head down, eat right, and continue the work.

On the upside, did the extra cardio, did the two supplemental workouts, and hit 2x walks per day. Lifts were tough, generally, and I’m looking forward to deloading this week.

Goals for this week: 6 lifting workouts, 6 cardio sessions, 2x walks/day.

Would also like to hit the supplemental workouts again and play around with the sled.


There’s a version for sleds at the end of the article, I promise you they’re awful

Thanks for the pointer! I hadn’t seen that one before, and I love Dan John’s stuff. Looks brutal…

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BDWP - PI - c1w4d0 - 77.5% tmax (deload)

Sunday - 06 June 2021
Workout: Conditioning, 0935-1015 (40 minutes)

a1) Supine vac - 3x60s
a2) SPU - 3x10 - purple
b) Thurster - 5x20s/40s - 15 - 17, 17, 17, 17, 17
c) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

35-minute walk after dinner yesterday, plus wandering around the local amusement park with my son for a few hours in the afternoon. (First year with season passes—it’s so much fun to be able to jump in the car, hit a few rides, and just leave without feeling like you didn’t make the most of the ticket price. Really looking forward to more of those jaunts this summer!)

Slept like a rock and felt pretty good this morning: 35-minute walk, breakfast, workout.

Hit 17 reps on all 5 thruster rounds, so that’s back on track. HR above 160s after second round and well above 130 for all of the following ride.

Summer weather seems to have settled in now: the new insulation was a godsend on the deep-freeze days this winter, but it doesn’t do much for the heat and humidity—it was sweltering in there today.

I’m purposefully shortening the daily walks now: goal is to hit about one hour total over 2x walks/day. Point is to get out and get moving, not to turn them into marathon sessions.

This week is off to a much better start than last, so just gonna keep the ball rolling!


Now this is a mindset I can get behind brother

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Sunday - 06 June 2021
Workout: Supplemental

Iron Cardio Burpees, for time
a) 100 2-pump burpee
b) 100 1-pump burpee

Time: 12:14 + 10:01 = 22:15 total

Demolished this supplemental workout: beat previous best (29 May 2021) by over 2 minutes.

I’m on fire… Time for fuel!


Absolutely crushed my man

Time to feast

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It’s all your fault, brother. I’ve caught the disease.

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Nice! Glad to have another one on here with the burpee bug. Nothing like burpees and swings to get in shape.

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Thanks, man! You’ve been crushing it over in your log too. I’m thinking of trying that Lynne WOD I saw you do a few days ago—looks killer!


BDWP - PI - c1w4d1 - 77.5% tmax (deload)

Monday - 07 June 2021
Workout: Pull 1, 0935-1025-1050 (55 + 25 minutes)

a) RDL - hdrp - 155x6, 185x6 | 210x(6+3+2)
b) Pullup - hdrp - BWx6, 5x6 | 10x(6+3+2)
c) RD3x - dset - 12x3/3/3, 15x3/3/3 | 20x3/3/3 + 15x4/4/4 + 10x5/5/5
d) BB curl - hdrp - 50x6, 60x6 | 70x(6+3+2)
e) CC - mtor - 45x6, 55x6 | 60x6 + isofail: 60s
f) SPU - 3x10 - purple
g) KB swing - 5x20s/40s - 16kg - 15, 15, 15, 15, 15
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

30-minute walk after dinner yesterday, 35 minutes this morning, then breakfast and workout.

Felt pretty good today, not bad overall—weights were moving smoothly. The ball is rolling…


Looks like you’ve found your way to a good place, physically and emotionally. Keep this great momentum going!

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BDWP - PI - c1w4d2 - 77.5% tmax (deload)

Tuesday - 08 June 2021
Workout: Push 1, 0915-1000-1025 (45 + 25 minutes)

a) Front squat - hdrp - 120x6, 140x6 | 160x(6+3+2)
b) Bench press - hdrp - 160x6, 185x6 | 210x(6+3+2)
c) DB lateral - dset - 12x6, 15x6 | 20x6 + 15x8 + 10x10
d) Lying tri ext - mtor - 15x6, 20x6 | 25x6 + isofail: 23s
e) SL CR - mtor - 15x6, 20x6 | 25x6 + isofail: 35s
f) Supine vac - 3x60s
g) Thruster - 5x20s/40s - 15 - 17, 17, 17, 17, 17
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

30-minute post-dinner walk yesterday, 35 minutes this morning, breakfast, workout.

Today felt good—everything was moving smoothly. Thursters felt particularly good; hit 17 reps on all rounds. HR above 160 after second round, above 170 by the last one, and well above 130 for all of the ride.

The ball is now gathering momentum…


Tuesday - 08 June 2021
Workout: Supplemental

Cindy - AMRAP, 20 minutes
a) 5 Chin-ups/pull-ups
b) 10 Push-ups
c) 15 Air squats

Felt so good I decided to do the Cindy WOD today. With the Iron Cardio Burpee workout done too, I now have the rest of the week to try out the sled.

Made it through 17 full rounds + 2 chin-ups. EMOM for the first eight rounds, then extending rest a bit. Doing full ROM movements throughout, this time starting with strict NG pull-ups and alternating with supinated chins. These movements are my limiting factor, but I was sucking wind too.

Think that ball might be turning into a freight train…