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Becoming Canis dirus - SvenG's Training Log

Saturday - 29 May 2021
Workout: Supplemental

@ChongLordUno’s Iron Cardio Afternoon Workout (29 May), for time
a) 100 2-pump burpee
b) 100 1-pump burpee

Time: 12:44 + 11:36 = 24:20 total

What have you people done to me!?!

Here I sit on a perfectly gloomy Saturday afternoon—on a US holiday weekend, no less—finding myself with another hour or so of discretionary time. So what do I do? Yeah, that’s right…

Broke these into 20 sets of 10 reps, mostly to keep from passing out (and also because I can’t count past 10 very reliably).

Good workout, this. HR was up over 160 after about the first minute or so, and it stayed there more or less the whole time. It’s now about 10 minutes post-workout and my HR is still above 110 and my body’s on fire again.

@ChongLordUno - thanks for the inspiration, my man!


Fucking superb @SvenG my man. It’s an honour that you’re rolling with my workouts man.

We are all in this together brother

We are bound by the iron

:+1: :+1:

BDWP - PI - c1w2 - summary

Sunday - 30 May 2021
Metrics: 183.8/36.25/17.6% at 0600

Metrics are moving in the wrong direction (and quickly, too!), and as much as I’d like to blame it solely on bloat from last night’s dinner and then snacks while watching a movie with the kids, the poor choices the previous evenings (from Wednesday forward) are just stacking up. As weak as it is, I’m just going to white-knuckle it through this holiday weekend, and reset on Tuesday, 1 June, as I head into the home stretch.

Despite bad eating, work for the week was great: got the extra cardio in, added two supplemental workouts, and lifting was above average overall. Missed second walk on Friday and Saturday, but did Cindy WOD and Iron Cardio 200-burpee workout instead. (We’ll say “instead,” anyway.)

Goals for this week: 6 lifting workouts, 5 cardio sessions, 2x walks/day.

Wouldn’t mind repeating the supplemental Cindy WOD and Iron Cardio burpee workout (or something similar) at some point through the week, too, but I’m not committing to those as explicit goals just yet—they will remain purely supplemental as-time-and-energy-allow add-ons.

BDWP - PI - c1w3d0 - 85.0% tmax

Sunday - 30 May 2021
Workout: Pull 1, 0955-1050-1115 (55 + 25 minutes)

a) CC - mtor - 50x6, 60x6 | 65x6 + isofail: 46s
b) RDL - hdrp - 175x6, 205x6 | 230x(6+3+2)
c) Pullup - hdrp - BWx6, 5x6 | 10x(6+3+2)
d) RD3x - dset - 12x3/3/3, 15x3/3/3 | 20x3/3/3 + 15x4/4/4 + 12x5/5/5
e) BB curl - hdrp - 60x6, 65x6 | 75x(6+3+2)
f) SPU - 3x10 - purple
g) KB swing - 5x20s/40s - 16kg - 16, 16, 16, 16, 16
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

Missed a second walk yesterday, family plans. But did the 200-burpee workout in the afternoon, so we’ll call it square.

Walked for about 55 minutes this morning, breakfast, then workout.

Swapped today’s conditioning with tomorrow’s Push 1 (+ extra conditioning) workout because of tomorrow’s travel plans. Planning to squeeze typical Sunday conditioning in tomorrow morning before we hit the road.

Today was AWFUL. Everything felt heavy and slow. No intensity.

Glad to have that one in the books.

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If it’s any consolation, my pull workout today was sucky too — for the same reasons.

I’ve read through your log several times now. You are SO far ahead of where I am, but we struggle with similar things.

Try not to be discouraged by what looks like relatively short point-to-point “losses”; I’m also learning that it takes time for the body to adapt to new strategies, stressors, and changes in diet.

You work really hard, and so it’s only a matter of time before you get there! I admire what you do a lot!

Sorry to hear that, @oldnattychris. Just one of those days for both of us, it seems.

I hope you’re finding your way. I lurked around here a bit and quickly realized these folks are just what the doctor ordered: so many different paths, so many different perspectives, but just one goal—doing good, hard work.

Joining this forum has been like a shot of adrenaline: I’ve already begun to gain some new perspective, and it’s both refreshing and energizing.

Indeed! Thank you for that.

Sometimes I still catch myself looking for the quick fix—I feel like I should losing more, gaining more, whatever, and doing it so much faster than I am. In fact, once I started learning some things, I got wrapped up in trying to optimize everything—lifting, conditioning, nutrition, supplementation, you name it—but I quickly forgot that it took 20+ years of neglect to bottom out, and I’m not going to correct all of that in just a few years of hard work, whether optimal or not.

It really is pretty simple: consistency + effort + time = results. Not easy, but simple. And so here I am, a work-in-progress!

Wow, thanks for that, too! I appreciate your support.

@ChongLordUno said it best:

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BDWP - PI - c1w3d1 - 85.0% tmax

Monday - 31 May 2021
Workout: Conditioning, 0900-0940 (40 minutes)

a1) SPU - 3x10 - purple
a2) Quad vac - 3x60s
b) Thurster - 5x20s/40s - 15 - 16, 16, 16, 16, 17
c) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

45-minute walk after picnic yesterday evening. 45-minute walk this morning, breakfast, workout.

Today’s workout was not as bad as yesterday’s, but not great either. Thrusters were slow; HR didn’t break 160 until after 4th round, but I did manage to hit that 17th rep in the final round.

Once again, glad this one is in the books.


Don’t get caught up in this mental game.

Your HR not breaking 160 is a great fucking sign because your body is acclimatising to the hard work. You need to drive that shit harder.

Iron Cardio is about being dumb as fuck, never questioning and just working

I’m not sure if you’re following a set program or anything but Dan John has said you should be using a weight where you’d get around 8 reps per set (assuming you’re doing tabata thrusters) Is it possible you need to up the weight?

Thanks for the reminder, @ChongLordUno. Luckily no mental game here; just an observation of what my body is (or is not) doing when I do the conditioning work.

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No set program, @rroo. Just doing thrusters to get my HR up before some LISS on the bike. I’ve always done light-weight/high-rep work with these, but if there’s a different approach, I’d be willing to check it out—sounds like Dan John would recommend going much heavier.

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BDWP - PI - c1w3d2 - 85.0% tmax

Tuesday - 01 June 2021
Workout: Push 1, 0905-1000-1025 (55 + 25 minutes)

a) SL CR - mtor - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + isofail: 25s
b) Front squat - hdrp - 135x6, 155x6 | 180x(6+3+2)
c) Bench press - hdrp - 180x6, 205x6 | 230x(6+3+2)
d) DB lateral - dset - 12x6, 15x6 | 20x6 + 15x8 + 12x10
e) Lying tri ext - mtor - 15x6, 20x6 | 25x6 + isofail: 22s
f) Quad vac - 3x60s
g) Thruster - 5x20s/40s - 15 - 16, 16, 16, 17, 16
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

Got a 25-minute walk in yesterday evening—short and sweet, but felt good after 2 hours in the car.

Walked for 55 minutes before workout this morning. Both walk and workout were fasted; not premeditated, just kinda worked out that way today.

Front squats were more difficult than I expected, bench press wasn’t bad. Rest of it was average, but based on the way I’ve been feeling for the past few days, I’ll take it.

Legs are tired—thrusters were difficult, but HR was up today: 160s after first round, 170 by the end, and above 130 for most of the ride.

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Tuesday - 01 June 2021
Workout: Supplemental

Iron Cardio Burpees, for time
a) 100 2-pump burpee
b) 100 1-pump burpee

Time: 13:48 + 12:53 = 26:41 total

Pace was way behind last Saturday’s, but HR was up, I did the work, and I now feel like a blast furnace.


You’re a terminator mate

Crushed it. You’ll be walking on air for the rest of the day

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BDWP - PI - c1w3d3 - 85.0% tmax

Wednesday - 02 June 2021
Workout: Pull 2, 0920-1010-1035 (50 + 25 minutes)

a) CC - mtor - 50x6, 60x6 | 65x6 + isofail: 50s
b) Leg curl - dset - 80x6, 90x6 | 105x6 + 80x8 + 60x10
c) EZ pullover - mtor - 60x6, 70x6 | 80x6 + isofail: 10s
d) CS DB row - hdrp - 35x8, 40x8 | 45x(8+4+3)
e) Preacher curl - mtor - 75x6, 85x6 | 95x6 + isofail: 21s
f) SPU - 3x10 - purple
g) KB swing - 5x20s/40s - 16kg - 15, 15, 15, 15, 15
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

50-minute walk after dinner yesterday, 50 minutes before breakfast today.

Decent work today. EZ pullovers were tough; rows were average. Purposefully slowed down the swings to focus on form and ROM. HR in 160s after first round and stayed above 130 for just about all of the following ride.

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BDWP - PI - c1w3d4 - 85.0% tmax

Thursday - 03 June 2021
Workout: Push 2, 0930-1020-1045 (50 + 25 minutes)

a) SL CR - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + isofail: 30s
b) Leg ext - dset - 135x6, 155x6 | 175x6 + 135x8 + 100x10
c) Pec flye - mtor - 30x6, 35x6 | 40x6 + isofail: 25s
d) Z press - hdrp - 75x6, 85x6 | 95x(6+3+2)
e) Dip - hdrp - 45x6, 50x6 | 60x(6+3+2)
f) Quad vac - 3x60s
g) Thruster - 5x20s/40s - 15 - 16, 16, 16, 16, 16
h) Bike@120 bpm - 16m

55-minute walk yesterday after dinner, 55 minutes this morning, breakfast, workout.

Workout was tough; not sure why, just feeling really spent now. Will hopefully bounce back after lunch.

Last “extra” conditioning session today; legs are tired. HR above 160 after first thruster round, finished in low 170s, and above 140 for almost the entire ride—just a few dips into upper 130s throughout.


BDWP - PI - c1w3d5 - 85.0% tmax

Friday - 04 June 2021
Workout: Pull 3, 0930-01020 (50 minutes)

a) CC - mtor - 50x6, 60x6 | 65x6 + isofail: 52s
b) Cable kickback - mtor - Xx6, 5x6 | 10x6 + isofail: 3`s
c) Sup lat pulldown - dset - 100x6, 115x6 | 130x6 + 100x8 + 75x10
d) Cable row - mtor - 90x6, 105x6 | 115x6 + isofail: 21s
e) DB hammer - dset - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + 25x8 + 20x10
f) SPU - 3x10 - purple

50-minute walk yesterday after dinner, 55 minutes this morning, breakfast, workout.

Today was tough too. Wondering if this is “underrecovery,” or a consequence of slightly heavier weights this week, or just that I’m ready for next week’s deload?

Oh, and I seem to have turned walking into a contest with myself: It’s quickly escalated from get moving a bit more to how long can I go? There are definitely more time-efficient ways to burn a few extra calories…

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Eat more