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Becoming Canis dirus - SvenG's Training Log

Great work as usual - you must be very fit these days. That must also have improved your main lifts?

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Thanks, @doomyguy. I am feeling good these days! And, yes, the conditioning has helped my main work—my energy levels are up and my work capacity has improved significantly, so I’ve been able to keep pushing the weights on the big lifts.

Just wanted to add that I’ve found this to be true as well—I often don’t feel like doing the conditioning later in the day, but once I do, I feel better and I am ready to tackle the main work again the next morning.


How do you get past this. I had lofty plans to incorporate daily conditioning last cycle but by the end, it trailed off

This is exactly why I start my day with SOMETHING. On the weekend it might just be burpees, but especially getting older, if I don’t move first thing in the morning, I’m gonna be stiff all day.

@doomyguy it’s a super underappreciated aspect of conditioning. Great way to reduce soreness and get the restoration process moving quickly.


You ask hard questions, @anna_5588! :slight_smile:

I wish I had a good answer, but… Practice. I have 40+ years of experience in doing things I don’t want to do.

I’m not trying to be glib, and I offer this response only as a possible explanation for me and my behavior, but I gave this some honest thought during my walk this morning and that’s the best I could come up with: My daily life is full of things I don’t want to do but do anyway, so I’ve become decent at “getting past” those feelings.

But that’s not to say age is a necessary condition. People a lot younger than me do amazing things everyday. (You, for the record, are one of those folks.) Again, I can only comment on my behavior, and so I suspect I’m better at this now than I was 1, 5, 10, 20, … years ago.

(Note also: Better, but not perfect. There’s plenty I don’t want to do and that I don’t actually do. But you only get a glimpse into maybe 2 hours of the 24 I live each day, so don’t assume I’m some sort of “model citizen” in this regard. I’m just some dude trying to do right by the people in my life.)


5/3/1 & Widowmakers - c6w1 - summary

Another week down, another step closer to my goals. Set some PRs this week by crushing 10 reps on all of the 5+ sets—I was particularly happy with that 235x10 squat set on Monday—and I checked off everything on my list for the week: lifting workouts, WM reps, assistance reps, hard/easy conditioning workouts, daily work, and eating. (Yep, even with Thanksgiving—I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday with my family, but I didn’t go overboard nor did I let the pumpkin cheesecake derail me for days on end!) I also tried some new workouts from Pwn’s book that I now love to hate. All in all, it was a great week.

My goals for Week 2 of this 5/3/1 & Widowmakers template are:

  • Complete all 4 lifting workouts
  • Complete all 20 reps on all 4 Widowmaker sets
  • Continue with 75 reps in each assistance category
  • Complete 4 days of hard conditioning
  • Complete 3 days of easy conditioning + direct calf work
  • Do 100 burpees + swings + BFPs every day
  • Continue to make good food choices and eat well

Yep, pretty basic stuff—but that’s what gets the job done!


5/3/1 & Widowmakers - c6w2d1

Sunday - 28 November 2021
Workout: Easy conditioning + calves, 0810-0920 (70 minutes)

Weighted vest walk - 26 kg - 35 minutes
Jump rope tabata - 8x40/15 - 1 round
SL CR - L/R - 30x12, 35x10 | 40x8 + isohold: 21s

Fasted. Didn’t get up until about 0625 today! I was rolling around about 0420, as usual, but fell back asleep and stayed asleep (more or less) until I had to deal with the dog. That was a treat.

This morning’s work was just fine, nothing to note.


So the recovery benefit is still there if the conditioning work is not done the same day? I usually do something at the end of my session, but perhaps I should make it a habit to start the day with 10-20 minuttes conditioning also.

The recovery necessarily HAS to happen outside of the training session. If you do squats for lifting and chase it with squats for conditioning, that’s just more squats that day. You squat for lifting on Monday and squat for conditioning on Tuesday, THAT promotes recovery, assuming you stay within your limits.

Daily conditioning rocks. Just 4-5 minutes to start a day goes a long way.


5/3/1 & Widowmakers - c6w2d1

Sunday - 28 November 2021
Workout: Extra conditioning, 1130-1230 (50 minutes)

2 rounds of:
a) 25 1-pump burpees
b) 25 BFPs - red
c) 25-second rest

Pwn’s The Hills Have Eyes
a) 10 KB swings - 24 kg
b) 10 Devil’s presses - 2x20 lbs
c) 30-second rest
12 rounds, 26:48

2 rounds of:
a) 25 1-pump burpees
b) 25 BFPs - red
c) 25-second rest

Pretty much the same as last week, but moving a tiny bit slower: 12 rounds took about 36 seconds longer. Close enough. Now it’s time to recover for 3s week squats tomorrow!


Thank you for the response .

I guess I’ll just need more practice!

Well… I do plan on going into academia…

Wow, this means a lot.

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Yeah, obviously you are on to something here - your sheer work capacity is clear evidence of that. Ok, SvenG added to my internal "you know, you should really train more like… " dialogue.


Hey man, I’ve seen you frequent much of the same logs as me but since I rarely peek out of my marked topics these days, I didn’t come across your own log until now, haha.
Since it’s been going for a while, could you give me a brief cliff note summary?


Hah! Thanks, my man—I appreciate the sentiment. I really do… But not this:

Instead, it’s guys like @T3hPwnisher, @ChongLordUno, @ejones1, @kdjohn, @aldebaran, and many, many others here that put me on this path!


Thanks for dropping in, @Koestrizer! Nice to see you here.

Short version: long time lurker, relatively recent forum member. Struggled with weight loss for many years, part of that even after joining up. Drastically changed my training and eating habits back in late June, been progressing steadily ever since. Current goals are simple: 1/2/3/4 plates for press/bench/squat/deadlift. Got the first two easy now, close on the second two. I also just want to be big, strong, and conditioned, and be capable for my family, both now and for another 35-40 years (God willing)!

Edit: I don’t want to write a book, but really what I struggled with was “the psychology of long-term caloric deficit” not “weight loss.” My attempts to get leaner actually worked quite well—at my leanest during that period, I was down nealry 50 lbs, I had cut my body fat % by more than half, and I had lost 7 inches off my waist.

But at what cost? I was driving my family absolutely crazy!

Enough was enough—hence the drastic changes in June… And now? It’s something like 5-6 months later, I look nearly as lean (or, rather, I’m getting happier with I how look week by week!); I’m surely at a much higher body weight (though I haven’t actually weighed myself since June because it doesn’t really matter anymore!); I feel really good, physically and mentally; and, most importantly, my wife and kids aren’t walking on eggshells anymore!


Great summary, I’ll be following along! Seems like you’re doing quite a bit conditioning and daily work as well currently.
Do you have an athletic background of any kind?

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Does little league count? :wink:

I played sports as a kid, and maybe you’d call two years of club rugby in college some kind of “athletics,” but I’ve never participated in any real competitive physical pursuits in adult life, I’m afraid.

Well… I guess, haha? I still list football and that’s been over for a while now.

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Ok, noted, yeah, I get your point.

Still, it is educational to see the principles applied (and the results happening) by an actual mortal - which I am beginning to suspect, that at least a couple of the guys you mention, are probably not. :laughing:

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I’m sure you can do this my friend. You certainly built great conditioning with all this work hehe!