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Becoming Canis dirus - SvenG's Training Log

nice work

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Congrats on the PR man!

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@ejones1, @boilerman - Thanks, guys! 'Tis the season for PRs.


5/3/1 & Widowmakers - c6w1d3

Tuesday - 23 November 2021
Workout: Press, 1100-1210 (70 minutes)

Throws + jumps

Begin: 1115; End: 1205; Duration: 50 minutes
Press - 50x5, 65x5, 75x5 | 90x5, 105x5, 115x10 (rep PR) | 90x20
Bulgarian split squat - L/R - 2x20 lbs - 22, 22, 11
Incline DB press - 2x60 lbs - 22, 18, 15
Pull-up - BW - 12, 12, 12, 9
Cable crunch - 50 - 20
Band pushdown - red - 20
OA row - L/R - 45 - 20, 10

Assistance totals:
Push - 75 reps
Pull - 75 reps
Single-leg/core - 75 reps

Good gracious—that was miserable! I am absolutely dead. Felt like I couldn’t catch my breath again, but HR wasn’t out of line. Maybe I’m underfed?

Got a rep PR on the 5+ press top set and got all 20 reps on the WM. I don’t think I’m bouncing those reps, but there’s no doubt I move quickly. I’ve probably got opportunity to clean up my technique here, but I’m not sure now’s the time to be overly concerned about that… Maybe I’ll just keep it as clean as I can and white-knuckle it until the next TM testing week, at which point I’ll need to be brutally honest with myself as I transition into BBB.

Not much else to say, beyond the fact that the assistance work kicked my butt today. Oh, and the pump in my pecs almost hurts.

Pwn’s The Last Castle and the rest to follow later this afternoon.


You weren’t kidding. Nice job.

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No, but it’s a 5/3/1 PR setup this cycle: I have one PR top set for each lift over the next three weeks (5+, 3+, and 1+), so rep PRs are almost inevitable. The exception will be deadlift, because my current TM is about 15 lbs behind where it was the last time I did any kind of PR work (May 2020).

But maybe I’ll be able to hit some volume PRs with that this time around…


If it weren’t so doggone hard, I’d be tempted to think this PR business was fun.


Replying to myself here because… Well, because I can.

Upon reflection, it’s not clear what the two would have to do with each other. I think maybe “Eat more!” has become my go-to answer for all training-related problems, whether real or perceived.

But given where my head was not all that long ago, “Eat more!” might not be a bad knee-jerk reaction.



5/3/1 & Widowmakers - c6w1d3

Tuesday - 23 November 2021
Workout: Extra conditioning, 1550-1645 (55 minutes)

5 rounds of:
a) 20 1-pump burpees
b) 20 BFPs - red
c) 20-second rest

Pwn’s The Last Castle - 10 rounds
a) Farmer’s walk - 25 yards - 2x77 lbs
b) 6 alternating DB snatches - L/R - 35 lbs
c) Farmer’s walk - 25 yards - 2x77 lbs
d) 10 KB swings - 24 kg
Time: 29:04

Me == dead horse. This workout == a beating.

It’s 34 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I’m in nothing but a long-sleeve base layer, shorts, and a stocking cap, and I’m now sweating like it’s mid-August. My upper body is shot, my lower body is shot, my lungs are shot. It was a good day.


I am amazed at your work capacity


Thanks, @anna_5588. Some days I am too. :slight_smile:

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5/3/1 & Widowmakers - c6w1d4

Wednesday - 24 November 2021
Workout: Easy conditioning + calves, 0740-0850 (70 minutes)

Weighted vest walk - 26 kg - 15 minutes (to park)
Easy run - 9 laps, about 1750m - 9:27
Weighted vest walk - 26 kg - 15 minutes (from park)
Jump rope tabata - 8x40/15 - 1 round
SL CR - L/R - 30x12, 35x10 | 40x8 + isohold: 19s

Fasted—but I woke up hungry about 0520, so that was tough. Going to eat very soon. Went to bed thinking I might be sore today, but dinner + sleep did the trick: everything is feeling good. 24 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, but still managed to break a sweat with that run.

Going to try Pwn’s Countdown this afternoon, followed by remaining burpees + swings and BFPs.


For me personally, I’ve definitely been able to break some barriers, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to do conditioning from a mental standpoint

Good thing I’m not obligated to do much conditioning. I’m just attached to it

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Been absolutely killing it here lately, for a while really! I enjoyed getting caught up on the last couple days


I agree.

I suspect that work capacity is the actual key to a great physique.


Oof :grimacing: not good for the home team over here :joy:


You’re doing plenty of good work mate.

I read books and take naps between work sets. Not sure if my work capacity is anywhere near what we see here in this log but I appreciate the compliment!

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Physique is a reflection of how much hard work you do.

Lifting weights for an hour isn’t hard work, despite what some want to believe.

Fully concur with your suspicion based on personal experience


Damnit man. I started doing cardio before workouts so I wouldn’t skip it per your recommendation and now I have to do this. What do you recommend doctor


Crap. Guess I’ve still got work to do!