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Becoming Canis dirus - SvenG's Training Log



Conditioning is part of the program, yes.

But there’s some leeway. And I’m purposefully pushing to find my limits under current life circumstances.

It won’t be like this forever. I will push, eventually cross a line, and walk it back.

Edit: Thanks for that, BTW.


5s PRO, 5x5 FSL - c4w2d3

Tuesday - 12 October 2021
Workout: Hard + extra conditioning, 1655-1735 (40 minutes)

Sled push - 10x50 yds, 135 + sled = 222 lbs
Goal: 7:30; Time: 8:44

100 1-pump burpees + KB swings - 4x25, 25-second rest between
BPA - red - 4x(10 high + 10 mid + 10 low)

Decidedly do not like working out at this time of day. Funny, though, 'cause it used to be when I’d do my (one) workout each day. But that was probably before the pandemic, after which schedules changed significantly. And now I’m just plain used to earlier workouts.

Anyway, I took a different approach to the sled today, had no expectation of making goal time. And I didn’t let myself down on that! Today was a deliberate walk—slow, steady, more constant heart rate, more constant rate of work. Average per-trip time is about 52-53 seconds, which is about 1.5x the per-trip time of my best 3-plate, 8x50 yard workout. If I look at the more typical (and earlier) work with 3 plates and 8 trips, my per-trip time was more like 40-45 seconds or so.

So, yes, I’d like that time to be better over 10 trips, but I have to remember: There is a difference between testing and training. Today, I trained the sled push. There’s room for improvement, but the work counts.


5s PRO, 5x5 FSL - c4w2d4

Wednesday - 13 October 2021
Workout: Easy conditioning + calves, 0745-0855 (70 minutes)

Weighted vest walk - 24 kg - 14 minutes (to park)
Easy run - 9 laps, about 1750m - 9:16
Weighted vest walk - 24 kg - 15 minutes (from park)
SL CR - L/R - 30x10, 35x8 | 40x6 + isohold: 21s
Jump rope tabata - 16x20/10 - 1 round

Fasted. Run wasn’t particularly fast today, but it was almost enjoyable: I had the track to myself this morning. Okay, strike that—running is never enjoyable. But the empty track was nice. Calf raises were better today, but man is that right one still feeling weak.

Evil EMOM and the rest of it to follow later.


5s PRO, 5x5 FSL - c4w2d4

Wednesday - 13 October 2021
Workout: Extra conditioning, 1735-1815 (40 minutes)

Evil EMOM WOD - EMOM, 14 minutes
odd) 10 thrusters - 65 lbs
even) 20 KB swings - 24 kg

100 1-pump burpees - 4x25, 25-second rest between
BPA - red - 4x(10 high + 10 mid + 10 low)

Tried the later second workout again, still not convinced it’s worthwhile—by this time of day, my mind is ready to wind down, not up. Anyway, today I could, so I did.

Thrusters are just what I needed after squatting on Monday and pressing on Tuesday. Got the daily swings (plus some) in with that WOD, so I finished up with daily burpees and BPAs. Crazy pump all over, lovin’ that.

Time to eat!


5s PRO, 5x5 FSL - c4w2d5

Thursday - 14 October 2021
Workout: Deadlift, 0745-0850 (65 minutes)

Throws + jumps

Begin: 0804; End: 0847; Duration: 43 minutes
Deadlift - 120x5, 150x5, 180x5 | 210x5, 240x5, 270x5 | (210x5)x5
Ab wheel - ramp (10) - 25, 20, 15
Pull-up - BW - 10, 10, 10, 10
Dip - 60 - 10, 10, 10, 10
KB swing - 24 kg - 20
Incline scap/trap - 2x40 lbs - 40
Push-up - 40

Assistance totals:
Push - 80 reps
Pull - 80 reps
Single-leg/core - 80 reps

Felt slow and got unusually sweaty during the warm-up, but it turned out to be a decent workout. Deadlifts were good, could really feel them in my yoke today, and that was before the scap/trap burnout. Pull-ups and dips felt strong, swings felt super easy. Should probably have replaced those with some other core/single-leg assistance this week since I’m doing 100 daily, but oh well. I’ll keep it in mind for next week if I choose burpees + swings for daily work again.

Sled, etc. to follow later, probably around lunch but we’ll see how the day goes.


Reading back on your log a bit. Youre doing some awesome work here.

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Thanks, my friend. I appreciate that!

I have a Titan sled in my garage but I never use it. This makes me want to get it out. I always feel like an idiot tho pushing it up/down my driveway with the neighbos wondering wth I am doing.

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Hah! I totally understand that. But they’ve seen me doing all kinds of stuff in my driveway by now—and I’m usually half-naked, sweating profusely, and grunting a lot—so I’m kind of over it. :slight_smile:

You should definitely drag yours out and take it for a spin!

5s PRO, 5x5 FSL - c4w2d5

Thursday - 14 October 2021
Workout: Hard + extra conditioning, 1320-1355 (35 minutes)

Sled push - 10x50 yds, 135 + sled = 222 lbs
Goal: 7:30; Time: 9:09

4 rounds of:
a) 25 1-pump burpees
b) 20 KB swings - 24 kg
c) 30 BPAs - red - 10 high + 10 mid + 10 low
25-second rest between rounds

Back to lunchtime(-ish) conditioning today. Funny how it’s such a thin line between a routine and a rut.

Anyway, sled push was purposefully slow again today—just maybe not that purposefully slow: slowest 10-trip push yet, in fact. Ugh. I haven’t changed the goal time, 'cause at this point it doesn’t matter. But something will be different next week… Just not sure what at the moment.

Did the burpees, remaining swings, and BPAs in a circuit today, just for kicks. It somehow made the daily work more tolerable. Probably just the longer “effective” rest, specifically between burpees + swings via the sets of BPAs at the end combined with an actual 25-second rest period before starting the next round. Felt faster overall, and I’m done 5-10 minutes sooner than usual, too. I’ll take it!

BTW, when I’ve written “25-second rest between” or similar for the daily work in my past entries, that means “one set of burpees followed immediately by swings, then a 25-second rest, then the next set of burpees followed immediately by swings, …” not, “burpees, 25-second rest, swings, 25-second rest, burpees, …” I note that here just in case future-me forgets… He’s notorious for that sort of thing.


@Cyrrex - Dude, you should read my log. I probably create opportunities for you like this all the time. :wink:

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I dunno mate, those seem like totally normal words to me.

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He selects his targets carefully

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Yeah, on second thought, maybe he shouldn’t read it… 'cause I probably create opportunities like that all the time.

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Nah you’re fine, he is too scared to mess with you.

He goes after weaklings like me

Hey now… I won’t tolerate that kind of talk in my log.

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Genuinely laughed out loud. In public. Such that everyone was looking at me.

Good stuff, that.

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5s PRO, 5x5 FSL - c4w2d6

Friday - 15 October 2021
Workout: Bench, 0745-0845 (60 minutes)

Throws + jumps

Begin: 0803; End: 0842; Duration: 39 minutes
Bench - 100x5, 125x5, 150x5 | 175x5, 200x5, 225x5 | (175x5)x5
Chin-up - BW - 10, 10, 10, 10
Standing DB press - 2x30 lbs - 10, 10, 10, 10
Deficit reverse lunge - L/R - 2x20 lbs - 20, 20, 10
OA row - L/R - 45 - 23, 17
Push-up - 40
Cable crunch - 50 - 30

Assistance totals:
Push - 80 reps
Pull - 80 reps
Single-leg/core - 80 reps

Fasted. Ate 1-1/3 lbs. of cheeseburgers last night, woke up feeling off, just didn’t want to eat. (Off as in, “just not myself,” rather than off as in, “gut is talkiing back.”) Not like my normal breakfast powers my workouts anyway, not enough time to digest.

So, feeling not quite right, I started with warm-up and was sweating like crazy again. Like “that much” movement was some kind of shock to my system. But like yesterday, turned out to be a good workout. In fact, I absolutely destroyed everything, and I’m still waiting for the heavy sets of bench press to start. (I actually checked my calculations afterwards to be sure I didn’t mess something up.)

Could possibly take those DB presses up to 35 lbs, if it matters. Oh, and that right quad I tweaked last week has not bothered me at all—I’d actually forgotten about it—but it did feel tight during those lunges. Not painful, just tight, and just in that one spot. Something about that move, I guess. Anyway, it’s totally fine now, so I’m not worried at all. Should be 100% by next week, if not sooner.

Conditioning to follow. It’s raining now, driveway will be slick. Oh, and I’ve totally worn all the tread off my running shoes by pushing the sled these past few months. I’ve literally had these shoes for years, and in a matter of a few months, they’ve got no tread. It’ll be an interesting workout if it doesn’t start to dry out soon.

Edit: And BB curls. Can’t forget the BB curls later.


When’s the last time you took a deload?

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