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Becoming Canis dirus - SvenG's Training Log

Are you eating more carbs and/or sodium?

Not intentionally, but likely as a result of eating more in general.

Edit: I end up being low(er)-carb based on what I eat. That said, I do love Ancient Grains granola and Kodiak Cakes waffles, so with more of those and more of the trace carbs in other foods, I am getting more carbs overall. Either way, I am enjoying the pump—definitely didn’t feel this way while dieting!

P&FLT - c2w1d6

Friday - 23 July 2021
Workout: Deadlift, 1110-1210 (60 minutes)

Throws + jumps

Begin: 1123; End: 1206; Duration: 43 minutes
Deadlift - 110x5, 140x5, 165x5 | 195x5, 220x5, 250x5 | (195x5)x7
Ab wheel - ramp (8) - 20, 20, 20
Dip - BW - 25, 25
Pull-up/chin-up - BW - 8/8+5/5, 6/6+4/4, 6/6, 4/4
Push-up - 30, 20
Cable crunch - 20 - 25, 25

Pushed really hard from the start, had serious concerns over getting it all finished within 45 minutes. At 35 minutes I had only two more sets of deadlifts + assistance to finish up, so I let myself slow way, way down: took 8 minutes to finish up those sets and clean-up.

Ramped standing ab wheel went better than when I was messing with them on Sunday. Took awhile to complete each set, but I was really focusing on bracing (per @Bagsy’s advice), and it definitely helped—no twinges in my lower back, even immediately following the deadlifts. Got all my dips in two sets, but HR spiked to 177 at the end. Rest of it was pretty typical, but I need to bump up the weight on the cable crunch to 25 or 30 lbs, as they were too easy.

Sled push later today.

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P&FLT - c2w1d6

Friday - 23 July 2021
Workout: Hard conditioning, 1350-1405 (15 minutes)

Sled push - 16x50 yds, 90 + sled = 177 lbs
Goal: 15:00; Time: 12:36

Crushed that today. Body was tired after deadlift workout, but mind was numb after a Zoom meeting—and that’s the key: numb mind == no thinking, just working.

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P&FLT - c2w1d7

Saturday - 24 July 2021
Workout: Easy conditioning + calves, 1340-1505 (85 minutes)

Weighted vest walk - 16 kg - 40 minutes
Bike@120 bpm - 15 minutes
SL CR - mtor - L/R - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + isofail: 28s
Jump rope tabata - 8x20/10 - 2 rounds, 2 minutes rest between

Everything was just a little off today: spent the morning at my son’s swim meet, so I had a very early breakfast and we ate a packed lunch at the pool. Feeling tired despite mostly just sitting around waiting between his events. He did well, though, so it was a good morning.

Anyway, this work wasn’t fasted, my normal 35-minute walk took closer to 40, so I went ahead and extended it to a full 40 minutes, and my legs were really feeling slow during the bike ride. Luckily calf raises and jump rope work went pretty much as expected, but it’s hotter and muggier in the early afternoon compared to my typical morning workout time, so it felt worse than usual. At this point, I am still feeling tired and lethargic rather than energized.

I still have (at least) 150 burpees today—may end up being one of those “just get 'em done” sessions rather than pushing for 300 today, but I am bumping the prescription up to 200 next week, regardless of what happens later.

P&FLT - c2w1d7

Saturday - 24 July 2021
Workout: Extra conditioning, 1530-1605 (35 minutes)

300 1-pump burpees - 10x30, 30-second rest between

Quick water break and check-in with Mrs. SvenG re: afternoon’s schedule, then right back at it. Wish I could say I found an extra gear and cranked these out with no problem, but it was a grind… Mentally and physically. I did do 300 reps, though, not just 150—so that’s something.

P&FLT - c2w1 - summary

I’m really happy with training again this week. Weights were moving well, I dominated the additional supplemental and assistance sets, crushed (most of) the extra burpees, finished all of the lifting workouts within the 45-minute time limit, ate well.

Glad I moved to the incline ramp to progress the ab wheel; I was feeling those next day, so that worked something in a new way. Excited to see that move progress over the weeks ahead. Not much else to note about last week, so here are the goals for this week:

  • Complete all 4 lifting workouts within 45 minutes
  • Continue extra conditioning and direct calf work
  • Increase minimum burpee reps to 200
  • Add 2 kg to weighted vest for easy conditioning walks (18 kg total)
  • Continue to eat clean

Basically just need to keep things moving forward!

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P&FLT - c2w2d1

Sunday - 25 July 2021
Workout: Easy conditioning + calves, 0820-0930 (70 minutes)

Weighted vest walk - 18 kg - 35 minutes
SL CR - mtor - L/R - 20x6, 25x6 | 30x6 + isofail: 30s
Jump rope tabata - 8x20/10 - 2 rounds, 1:45 rest between

Got the work done fasted this morning, but that was tough: woke up hungry again. Reduced rest period between jump rope rounds to 1:45, which was good. Will likely continue to reduce that periodically for awhile before increasing it again and adding additional tabata rounds.

Burpees + air squats later, but I’m going to go ahead and eat first—not worried about getting those in while still fasted.

P&FLT - c2w2d1

Sunday - 25 July 2021
Workout: Extra conditioning, 1025-1055 (30 minutes)

200 1-pump burpees + air squats - 5x40, 40-second rest between

A real grind again today. Had to will myself through each move for the last 80 or so reps… Miserable. But the fun doesn’t stop there: have to cut the grass and get in more landscaping work before it rains.

Edit: Note to self—don’t restart fish oil capsules after a 6-month break 15 minutes before a workout in which you’re going to struggle to keep breakfast down. That makes it double-suck.

Edit 2: Need to incorporate some additional back work into these extra conditioning workouts. Not that it’s conditioning, but with all of the burpees and regular pressing work in 5/3/1, I feel like my already-weak back is just becoming relatively more weak. I need something that’s not too taxing but will give me an opportunity for additional volume… Inverse rows might be a good choice.

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Front carries of any kind. Bear hug, zercher, cross-ways, doesn’t matter. You’ll get lit up from your toes to your traps, and your lungs will die.

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Yes, excellent! I used to do Zercher carries a few times a week, but like yoga, I kinda forgot about those. I like the idea of some bear hug carries, too. Great suggestions, thank you!

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Why is it that physical labor (as opposed to physical activity, like my workouts), makes me think I’ve earned a cheat meal?

I’ve been outside since about 1130 this morning, cutting the grass and slaving away on the hillside doing more landscaping work. The rain never came, the clouds cleared out, and the sun has been beating down all afternoon. I’m finally done for the day, and all I want to do is stuff my face with pizza, a milkshake, and some cupcakes.

The grilled chicken I prepped this morning sounds as appetizing as cardboard right now.

But, hey, I’ll add my head of broccoli, and I’ll be good to go, right?


Maybe I’ll feel better once I’ve cooled down and cleaned up…

Just a an observation however you always reference training ‘fasted’

I think you need to get out that headspace and forget the nutritional side of things. Just focus on the stellar work you’re doing.

Think of it like this

Trickle down economics but in a fitness context

Hard training will trickle down into the other areas of your life

If you’re training so fucking hard then why ruin it with shit junk food.

Let the hard training guide your eating.

Snap out of it man and don’t let your nutrition define you. Let your training define you

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These are words to live by.

I’m now inside, sitting down, and cooling off. Combine that with a timely pep talk from @ChongLordUno, and I’m feeling much better.

Ate the broccoli and already grilled chicken is sounding better than it did. Think my rant about pizza and whatnot was just that.

Thanks for the reality check, brother!

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Don’t worry about it mate. I’ve been there. It’s tough and you need to zone out.

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BTW, I do this:

to avoid this:


could you just add lots of band pull aparts through the week. Easy to set up and do, very low impact, lots of positives.

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Also a good idea—hard to overdo these, I would think.

exactly, can also do variations like ‘no moneys’ just changing hand position.

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P&FLT - c2w2d2

Monday - 26 July 2021
Workout: Press, 0955-1050 (55 minutes)

Throws + jumps

Begin: 1006; End: 1045; Duration: 39 minutes
Press - 45x5, 55x5, 65x5 | 75x5, 90x5, 100x5 | (75x5)x7
Band face pull - red - 30, 20
Bulgarian split squat - L/R - BW - 20, 20
Pull-up/chin-up - BW - 9/9+5/5, 7/(6+1)+4/4, 5/5
OA row - L/R - 35 - 25, 25
KB swing - 20kg - 25, 25
Curls - 30 - 30, 20

Crushed that one. It’s a 5s week, so it was supposed to feel lighter than last week, but I’ll take it anyway. The press was downright easy, and I made some progress in the early sets of pull-ups/chin-ups. Could feel those in the rows a bit later, but the rows are always tough for me—could’ve been that way even if I hadn’t made progress with the pull-up/chin-up reps.

Burpees later today, probably 8x25 with 25-second rest periods between sets.

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