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Becoming A Supple Leopard


There's probably been a thread already on this but whatevs.

Has anybody read it and done all the shit you're supposed to do? If so, did you see a noticeable improvement? If you did, how long did it take, how much did you improve and how shit was your mobility to begin with?

Also, do you have to buy loads of shite like voodoo floss bands and other such paraphernalia?

So many questions!

Thanks guys


I haven't. But I remember two different threads last year.



And I know people have used bicycle innertubes instead of voodoo floss.


I read it. The takeaway I got after the whole thing was basically just get a lacrosse ball and roll every surface on your entire body lol.

If you want to do everything like all the time, I'm sure you'd have great mobility. Personally I can't be bothered to spend two hours every day doing 100 different mobility things. What I did was try certain things to see if they elicited any improvement. I cycled through a half dozen or so at a time until I came up with the ones that really worked for me and addressed my specific mobility impairments. Basically cut away all the chaff and find a few gems that really hit your mobility sweet spot. For me that was the couch stretch. That single-handedly worked miracles on my lower back. Other than that some shoulder dislocations and rolling my IT band every once in a while and that's about all I feel that I need these days.


thanks for the links LoRoz.

Csulli, you mean this stretch?

(as a slight aside, something about Kelly Starret just makes me want to punch his head clean off his shoulders)

EDIT: takes about 3 mins before he actually does the stretch in that video


I followed the guy's website for a while, but found the number of mobility drills to be a little absurd.

I mean, there must be just a couple that are the greatest, the best bang for the buck, ya?

I want to know those...

But given how he pretty much says everything is great, the hours I've spent there seemed wasted.

Plus a lot of them require a lot of special tools.


If you're looking for a great, all-around generalized program you can't be DeFranco's Agile 8 or his Limber 11. Lot's of other coaches have written mobility programs on TNation as well.

Kelly is a great resource if you know what you need.

I looked at Kelly's book, but passed on it because I didn't think there was a lot of material that couldn't be found elsewhere. There used to be a guy on here - big guy, good looking, terribly witty, great dancer - who recommended Gray Cook's book. So, Athletic Body in Balance along with McGill's Ultimate Back book and Kelly's website are all I've ever needed.


I have been thinking of buying this, is it worth it?


He wasn't that good a dancer, but what he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm.

I love ABIB but there's certain progressions for certain things (toe touch) that actually cause me pain, so I need to regress them further. That's right, I am not mobile enough to do mobility drills. I was thinking the supple leopard book could be the missing piece, but then maybe I just need to actually focus a few months on really trying to get the stuff from ABIB done, instead of doing it intermittently, making slight progress, getting bored, then stopping...


Hours wasted? You did it wrong if you spent hours and got nothing. I spend 10 min a day and get great effect if I did 20 a day I'd do amazing


Pretty much this. I also do some knee to wall ankle mobilisation, leg swings and some static hamstring and quad stretches and I am ready to go!




I had problems with my QLs for years until I came across this book. Took care of the issue in 3 weeks with suitcase carries.

If you have back problems, it's a must have.

If you're looking for a general health book, it's good to have.

fwiw, my gf teaches continuing education classes to physical therapists and uses a ton of his research. It's that good.


Thanks for the info.


Depends on your mobility issues, in my case I was having trouble getting deep in my squat. This article had the best mobility drills for me:


The last hip flexor stretch is kind of a couch stretch and really helped open my hips. The one where you just rock your hips looks incredibly stupid and works really well. The adductor stretches are solid too.

The stuff from kelly starret that is useful are the banded hip traction/distraction stuff. Like in this video:

Two to three weeks of this undid about 20 years of sitting in front of a computer at work.

Good luck.


The band assisted wall squats were the best take away I got from the book. The book is good but I think people are expecting it to be the holy grail or something. The recent article here that suggested standing with each foot on a bench and hanging a weight from waist between the boxes and then squatting down for the stretch is a really good one too.