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Becoming a Supple Leopard Book


I have watched Dr. Kelly's videos for a while now and he has just released a book.

Has anyone read it yet? I know he is Crossfit based, but I quite like his mobility wod videos.

As they say - he tries to fix the exact problems that Crossfit causes.

Thinking of buying it tomorrow.


Currently working my way through it now. Enjoying it so far!


He is one of the brightest spots in crossfit. I have actually been looking forward to this book because the mobility wod stuff is pretty awesome.


Speaking from experience, crossfit is absolutely littered with injuries.

People are constantly unable to show up or do the WODs because of injuries.

In 6 years of training I would maybe have the occasional muscle pull. 2 weeks into crossfit training I developed a bad shoulder(from hand stand pushups i think), couple months later a screwed up lat and had constant shin splints came along for the ride.

Haven't done crossfit in 2 months. Body feels amazing again.

but really I'm just commenting because the name of that book is amazing.


Yeah, I think it's named after the fact he has leopard print tattoo's on his arm.

Book is ordered, will provide a review when I get through the beast.


Yeah but those were functional injuries.


worth it's weight in gold


Bazinga! Saucer of milk for Nards?


Great book, his mobility stuff is gold. However nothing radically new from his mobility wod website, which was recently redone to be much more effective. I'm not a big fan of how he teaches the lifts, but there is a segment on spinal bracing while just standing and sitting that I found quite interesting.


Oh, he is a doctor of physical therapy, not a real doctor. I can't stand DPTs who call themselves doctor.


I ordered it a few weeks back and plan on starting it in a couple of days. definitely some cool stuff. I showed it to a family member, who's been a Physical Therapist for over 30 years, and she was really interested. I go to CrossFit twice a week, lift one day, long run another...haven't been injured, but have the typical soreness that could use something beyond basic foam rolling.




Can you stand it when dentist's call themselves doctor, or how about someone with a PhD? How about a pharmacist with a Pharm.D?


A DPT is only 3 yrs of not too challenging schoolwork (you need to study of course, but it is something most people can accomplish). The other things you mentioned require at least 5 years and are far more selective and difficult.

It misleads people when you put Dr. on the cover of your book because people automatically think you are a medical doctor. Why not put Kelly Starrett, PT, DPT instead?

I am a DPT and that is my opinion on the subject.


Ah so you are a DPT, I was quite impressed with some of the injury and rehab advice you've given on here. Good to know


"Yeah, I think it's named after the fact he has leopard print tattoo's on his arm. "

It also links to the idea that leopards don't need to stretch off before they conduct explosive movements.

A good book. Gets a little technical in places for thickos like me but I've enjoyed digging into his concepts of Distraction and Bracing. Probably overpriced but value is very much a personal opinion.


I'm just here because I saw the word 'supple'

Carry on.


A doctorate is the professional standard in PT these days. FYI


I know, I am a DPT...


ha! Did you have to do a dissertation? I have heard the dpt is slightly less rigorous than a PhD.