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Becoming a Strength Coach?

I would like to become and “strength & conditioning coach”

What degrees/certifications do I need?

I have heard that a Bachelor’s Degree in Atletic Training doesn’t qualify, is this true?

I would appreciate any responses, especially from those of you who are already strength coaches.

thanks for your help/

Most get a bachelors (quite a few get their masters as well) in exercise science/physiology, kinesiology, health & physical education, blah blah blah. I don’t see any reason you couldn’t be a strength coach after having gone through an ATC program, its just that most who go into ATC do it specifically because they want to be an ATC. As far as certs alot do the CSCS or the US olympic weightlifting coaching certification. Keep in mind you don’t “go to college to be a strength coach”. Strength Coach is just a job title or position, technically ANYONE who trains athletes to get stronger is a strength coach. The thing is, if you want a job at the collegiate or professional level, you will pretty much HAVE to have a degree (most lean more towards the Master’s degree nowadays) and have a lot of experience, PLUS you really need to know people. Take all the internships you can get working under coaches and network as much as possible while you attend school. And like Mark Twain said,“Don’t let school get in the way of your education.” Continue to learn OUTSIDE the walls of Acedamia. Keep in mind a lot of the greatest minds in the strength field don’t have a lot of letters after their names…

Good luck…