Becoming a SEAL

I have decided to enter the military when I am eligible around the beginning of 2007. I would join today but legal issues have gotten in the way. Because of these legal issues, it’d be hard for me to get a comission (this may not be true, just what I’ve been told). This will probably leave me with at least another semester of college before I earn my bachelor’s, but I plan on finishing that once I get in. I won’t discuss the legal problems but I will say it’s only misdameanor.

Well, I want to be the best. I cannot imagine a better life for a single man like myself other than being a SEAL. The boring shit that many civilians go through day after day is not something I want to look back on when I’m 60. Every time I try to think of something I want to be (such as a lawyer), I realize its probably not for me.

I’m not trying to romanticize the job of being a SEAL, as I know it is probably some of the toughest work on the planet. But the opportunity to see a few of them up close (and working with an ex-SEAL), they carry themselves like they believe they could do any fuckin thing on earth. They earned that right. And reading about their training…there’s nothing I want more.

Now my questions:
I know most enter the Navy and then go to BUD/S while some come from the Marine Corps and a few come from the Army. I definitely don’t want to join the Navy then risk not being able to go to BUD/S. That said, I want to join the Marine Corps and be a grunt. So, does anyone know how hard it is to get accepted to BUD/S as a Marine? Would joining the Navy or Army be a better option? Any info you have would be appreciated.

[quote]carter12 wrote:
That said, I want to join the Marine Corps and be a grunt.[/quote]

I thought you’re a grunt if you’re in the Army and a jarhead if you’re in the Marines.

That’s way off topic but grunt means Infantry, both branches. And jarhead (some people see it negatively) is a nickname for all Marines.

Whatever you do, the one thing you’ll need more than anything (after willpower) is


Start practicing now.

It almost doesn’t matter what branch you come out of. Requirements are the same.

Marines will likely get you better prepared though.

Well, I hope you stopped smoking weed first. Good luck.

[quote]carter12 wrote:

Now my questions:
I know most enter the Navy and then go to BUD/S while some come from the Marine Corps and a few come from the Army. I definitely don’t want to join the Navy then risk not being able to go to BUD/S. That said, I want to join the Marine Corps and be a grunt. So, does anyone know how hard it is to get accepted to BUD/S as a Marine? Would joining the Navy or Army be a better option? Any info you have would be appreciated.[/quote]

No SEALs come from the Army. The Army has its own Special Forces. SEALs are Department of the Navy (ie: Navy SEALs).

We want YOU!

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I think it would be extremely hard to go to BUD/S as a Marine. Switching between branches of the military is really rare, and probably requires a LOT of strings to be pulled. Also, which officer is going to give up the best man in his unit when he’s legally got you for the next few years? If you’re dead set on being a SEAL, join the Navy.

I think a better choice for you would be the 18x Special Forces contract that the Army is giving out. I think most soldiers are doomed to fail on it (too much too soon, physically and mentally), but it’s great if you truly are a stud. Also, if you don’t make it (freak injuries, accidents and illness are par for the course) you’ll wind up as an Airborne grunt. Whatever you decide, there’s a lot of good workout programs out there for prospective SEALs, PJs, SF etc, just pick one with swimming and ruck marches and make sure you can do the hardest workout exactly as it’s written before you enlist.

Hmmm, now that I think about, your legal problems might not allow you to get the security clearance for any Spec Ops unit. If that happened, you’d be stuck with whatever MOS you signed up for. I’d research that first - don’t just take your recruiter’s word on it!

Thanks Iron John.

For the active duty guys, have yall known anybody that has went to BUD/S?

Just trying to figure out how difficult it’d be in each branch to get the people in charge to grant a request to BUD/S.

Also, any book recommendations or other sources of info would be great.

This isn’t some bullshit fantasy of mine. It’s a goal. So please guys, lets try to keep the posts on topic. I know there’s probably a lot of kids on here that say they want to do this and that, but I’m not playing around.


If you want to join the Marines, become a Force Recon. Thats the Marine equivalent of a LRRP.

You gotta go Navy, bud. True there are cases where people have been allowed to switch over, but the cases are rare, especially with todays recruiting woes. And on top of that, SEALs aren’t hurting for recruits.

Also, like someone already said, with even misdemeanors, it could be hard to get the clearance you would need to be in almost any special warfare unit, of any branch. Good luck though.

Last, make sure you are training right. A bodybuilding routine aint gonna get it done at BUDs. I reccomend taking a look at the Crossfit type of workouts. BUDs now incorporates this in their training and many seasoned SEALs use it even down range.

It seems like every young “tough” navy guy I run into Says “oh yeah I tried BUD/S”. Right. CrossFit does seem like the wepon of choice for most special forces, and rightfully so 90% of there workouts can be done without a gym. Also nothing says that you cant do Running and cals/swimming/BJJ in the AM and weights in the PM.
I hope you can set your goals accordingly, if you can good luck …if you can’t it is not worth doing.

I have switched services from Marines to Army for SF. Army SF is the way to go. For too many reasons to list here. Research it for yourself. Army SF is way more technical especially if you go medical like I did. You will have to make your own decisions though.

Marines don’t go to BUD/S without getting out of the Corps and enlisting in the Navy. If you want to be a Marine, go infantry and try out for Force Recon. Recon has a similar mission to SEALS without the funding and ties to SOCOM. Recon works for the Marine Corps units only and supports ground operations for whatever task force they are assigned to.
If you want to be a SEAL, enlist in the NAVY. My recommendation is to become a Corpsman (medic). If you dont’ make the SEALS, you can still work as a medic for the Marines. Most Fleet Marine Force corpsman spend all of their time with Marines and can go into RECON as well.

Semper Fidelis

Finish your degree. Put your legal problems behind you. Then consider the service. The Seals do NOT lack for wannabees. They have to want you, not the other way around. Also, be absolutely certain your misdemeanor is just that. All officers of any kind must be able to get a secret clearance. Seals work on classified missions. No clearance, no mission, no Seal.

Not just a secret clearance but a Top Secret clearance. Whole other ball game. They climb way up your ass. If you have anything in your past they will find it. My nephew has been a seal for ten years and my son has researched it pretty well. I’ll point him to this this thread and see if he can hook you up with links…

I was in USMC Infantry for 6 years. USMC is NOT a stepping stone to Navy SEALS.

If you want to become a Marine Recon, sign up for an Infantry MOS. If you want to be a SEAL, then join the Navy.

Listen, wanting to be a SEAL or Marine Recon are lofty goals. Take one step at a time. Just get through boot camp and make sure you can make it in the fleet. If you prove to be a top performer, then maybe you’ll get an opportunity to go to the Recon Indoc. Program (RIP) for Marines, or BUD/S for Navy.

Make sure that you will like military life and not just have some “physical fitness challenge” reasons for going. You will be miserable under contract if you don’t make it in either RIP or BUD/S. Many don’t.

BY the way, don’t worry about the misdemeanor. I had about 4-5 of them on my record at the time and got in with a few written recommendations. With all the brawls that happen while in the USMC, don’t be surprised if you acquire a few more while in there.

Let me make you choice easier. I work with SEALs and SWCC.I am currently deployed overseas in support of OEF and OIF. If you are dead set on being a SEAl, just join the navy and go to BUDs. If you enlist, you can have BUDs worked into your contract. YOu will still have to go to an “A” school first. An “A” school gets you a job within the Navy and designates you. For example: GM(Gunners Mate), SK(Supply Clerk). If you pass the BUDs qual in Boot Camp, you will pt with the SEALs in the morning at around 4am and then when you go to “A” school you will pt with the SEALs in the morning before school and after school. If you fail the pt in Boot Camp you can try agian two more times. What ever you do don’t go to another branch of service. You may not like what you see. Each service has different outlooks of other branches. Use this website for some extra help. Hope this was of some help. Good luck. O…I hope you can run and swim because you do alot of it.

I’m lucky to have a cousin that is an active SEAL and I work with an ex SEAL. I’m a NYC fireman, when talking to both about their training you need to be 100% strong mentally and strong will power. Plus endurance out the ass and become part fish too. Start swimming and running. Start the tabata method. I talked to my cousin about it (tabata method), he uses it himself 3x’s a week especially the sprints. I was doing it for 5 weeks then I had to have surgery, but before surgery my endurance was excellent. I had lost 16 pounds and got nice and lean… when I heal up I have to start all over from scratch!

Good Luck to ya and BE SAFE.