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Becoming a S&C Coach

what do you guys think about going to university and major in physical therapist 4 years, that way i can know better biomechanics, a physiology (i know that P.therapists know a lot and very deeply biomechanics, physiology and anatomy) and a lot of things SC should know.

I’d like to know your opinion thanks! or give other choice y’all think is better

Are you in the U.S.? If so, I’m pretty sure you can’t get a undergraduate degree in Physical Therapy. That is a graduate degree, not undergraduate.

You can get a degree in Kinesiology though, which is the degree I think you mean without realizing it.

It seems like a hard field to break into, and usually people who do it are former high-ish level athletes for a few reasons (i.e. connections, reputation, first hand experience, etc.). Getting a CSCS would likely be beneficial, and possibly a requirement though I’m not sure.

Nope im not from the states, i want to become S&C, but i’m not sure what to study, any recommendation of what to study in university?? probably y’all don’t know the name of the carrers here, just say it, i.will try find out the name of it in my country

I’m not sure what it is like for the country you’re in but an undergrad in exercise science or kinesiology is a solid start. Also getting a masters degree is essentially required as well. Unfortunately; the degree’s are the easy part. Getting certified is a key for entry level jobs and I know in the US getting CSCS or CSCCA are the two go to ones.

The CSCS is fairly easy if you read the text book and have some applied knowledge, the CSCCA I have heard is a beast to complete. It takes a 650 hour internship and the certification test is pretty tough. Also networking is key, going to conferences, interning, asking if you can tour other college or private facilities, things like that go along way. It can be a struggle to break into the field no doubt about it. I currently am working as a grad assistant in strength and conditioning in the US so if you have any questions feel free to ask away.

Alright, thank you bruh, appreciate the help. I went few weeks ago to the states and visit CSP, and have the opportunity to talk to Tony Gentilcore and Eric Cressey and make some nice contacts that i think are going to help a lot in the future, i’m also reading starting strenght from rippetoe, and just finish reading advances in functional training from Boyle, and i hope to do some internships and go to some conferences too in the next few years. I can’t get undergrads here so i’ll get a grad on physcial therapy (4 years), is the only carrer that goes deeply in exercise physiology and biomechanics, other carrer would be like P.E… i still don’t understand USA’s education system very well hahah.
(about to graduate from high school)