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Becoming a PT?

hey all…
could anyone enlighten me about how i should go about being certified as a PT. I live in Ontario Canada. I realize there are levels, stages, etc. but i would like to get started…
any help would be the bomb!

I’m assuming you’re talking about Physical Therapist? I think Canada and U.K. may call them physiotherapists? If you already have your bachelor’s degree you can get your Master’s degree. To qualify for a program you must have the prerequisite science and math background. You may need to take these courses to get into a program.

I was an undergrad PT major for 2 years and worked in many different clinical settings. I wanted to work for a professional sports team. It was the most boring work and the curriculum was so dry and focused I realized I wanted something else. You should try to volunteer in some clinical settings before you do anything. You might be just transporting patients and folding towels but it will look good on an application and tell you if you really want it. The course work is very difficult if you are not science oriented.