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Becoming a Personal Trainer...?



I'm in my 40's, and I'm interested in becoming a certified trainer.

There are a lot of certifications available, so I'm interested in some feedback about which are best/preferred, and general info about the biz, including any additional qualifications, income expectations, how to break into the field, etc.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


I just got my certification with CAN-FIT-PRO (Canadian) and have been recently hired on at a gym in my local area.

I would suggest you speak with Fitness Managers at any gyms in your area to get an idea on what certifications they prefer.

If you have any specific questions I may be able to help you more.


The NSCA, ACSM and ACE are among the top certifying agencies. I went with the NSCA, (National Strength & Conditioning Association) which seems to be among the most highly respected. They all have websites you can check out.

Also, look at classified ads for personal trainers, they usually list what certifications they accept as prerequisite. Good luck!


Thanks, guys, I appreciate your help/insight.