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Becoming a Personal Trainer

Hey guys - I’m interested in becoming a personal trainer this summer for the hell of it since there are so many dumbass trainers out there. Gotta set things straight! Anyone know where to look for certification programs in my area? I just have no idea as to what to look for. Thanks!

issa, nsca, acsm
please be a competent trainer, I beg of you. There are too many nutjobs that call themselves trainers.

haha I know I know. How do those certifications differ from others? Is there, like, a “best” one or does it really not matter? Also, there are some 2-3 day programs and some that are longer. The cheap, few day programs seem kinda sketchy. Anyone know?

If you are going to be a trainer at your local gym, check out the certs that the trainers they use already have… assuming they are certified by a real organization and not some in-house made up stuff.

I most surely will do that. I just don’t know if there is a difference between the certification types . . .

the ones that i have listed are the ones (in my opinion) are the best. the nsca certified personal trainer test is a good comprehensive exam. If you know that stuff you know alot of good material.