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Becoming a Man


I've turned 18 as of today and i'm off out tonight to celebrate!

I was wondering if there is anything you would say to your old self when you were this age if you could? Anything in life. What advice would you give?

Personally i think no. 1 goal has to be maximum sex at uni. As TC says.. when your lying on your death bed, whats gonna be running through your mind more likely.. sex, or the workout you missed that time. From similar threads i'd say alot of guys on here agree with this.


honestly, I would say to myself at 18 (now at the ripe old age of 21) "get a gawddamned haircut and hit the gym"


I will say this, you're eighteen today and bam in flash you'll wake up and be 28, and bam, then 38, and on and on. It goes quick so get after it and find what makes this life fulfilling for you.





take your work seriously, and yourself not at all

happy 18 brah


Things I would tell me when I was 18:
"Stop worrying so much about sex."
"Listen to your parents, they actually do know what they are talking about."
"You look ridiculous, get a haircut."
"You're fat and lazy, go to the gym."

Happy 18th man... enjoy yourself.


Listen to anyone who'll teach you anything. Even if they're full of crap. You don't need to heed all lessons, but knowing the right way to do something, be something, etc. takes knowing about the wrong way as well.

And that chick that will try to get you to marry her right off the bat?

Wait on it.

Happy 18th


happy birthday man... It felt just like yesterday when I turned 18, hah ya right...

If there was one thing I could tell myself at 18, it would probably be: squats and milk...

I started lifting late in my life, and would have loved it if I started at your age. But I guess better late than never.


x2. It's painful to look at old pictures of myself @ 140lbs with shoulder-length hair. I would also have said to myself "Stop smoking so much weed." and "Stay single and happy."


Want to see something funny? Me at 18 (in the middle)


Me now at 21 (on the left, with my beautiful girlfriend)

I would say much improved.


work hard in school. A degree is worthless if you come out with a crap gpa.


Whatever is bugging you right now will turn out to be shit later on. Start working on your dream because every year little by little, It will fade away. Then you will start working with no purpose in life making someone else rich.


Good job.


Hmm.. Maybe I should get a haircut as well! (It's kinda.. bigger.. than what my pic shows now)


Wow!! much improved indeed. I'm gonna be 21 in a week and I still look like I did at 18. Damiit!! wtf I wish I was 18 again to start lifting seriously.



oh that and feel lots of boobies!


If you want to be doing what you're doing now at 50. Never stop working out and cardio is not a bad thing. You're going to age, that doesn't mean you have to grow old or grow up. The harder you workout now the more amazing your life will be as time passes you by. You have my word on it!

Happy B'day, it's only just being!


I see your untamed afro, and I raise you my white man dreads (i've never attached a pic before so i hope it works right).

I would say control how much you drink, you're going to get liver cirrhosis at 19 you idiot (perhaps a bit of a personalised message).

As much as people around you will embrace a binge drinking culture it pays to be sensible.

x2 for listening to parents and actually studying.


Play hard, work harder...

All my friends in undergrad who fucked around too much either chasing women, cars, or drugs got no Fin where while everyone that studied harder but still had fun became a lot more successful, happy, and they all still have jobs since they are doing what they love. When you love what you do, a day at work is a pleasure and something you look forward too.....

I am not saying don't take friday and saturday off, but sunday - monday your focus in LIFE is learning... don't F that up.....

Also, learn to play a guitar or a violin (electric) and learn to play some berry white, chicks dig that stuff.... and its a great way to unwind..

p.s. Your halo rank means absolutely dick to girls and your future employers... it sounds silly but man, lots of people fall into that trap.....