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Becoming A Lacrosse Beast

Hello everyone. I decided to start this log of my training so that a) I can track my progress and b) so that other lacrosse players can benefit from the methods that I find useful. I am a sophomore in high school and 16 years old. I don’t play school lacrosse in the spring like most, so the spring/winter is my “offseason”. I play in the summer and fall for a travel team. I play defense and LSM. My goals are to get stronger, faster, leaner, and build muscle (but I think those are everyone’s goals anyway). So here is my weekly training template:

Sunday: Sports Specific Drills, MB Throws, Lifting

Monday: Foam Rolling

Tuesday: Sprints, Skipping/Bounding, Lifting

Wednesday: Passing, Aerobic/Mobility Work, Foam Rolling

Thursday: Sprints, MB Throws/Jumps, Lifting

Friday: Passing, Aerobic/Mobility Work, Foam Rolling

Saturday: OFF

It is based off Charlie Francis’s High/Low system. In terms of nutrition, I will focus on eating lots of quality food. I plan to log my nutrition and weight as well. Only on Saturdays I will have fast/junk food. I wont be counting calories because a) its stressful and b) from what I’ve read unless your competing in bodybuilding counting is really not necessary. In the near future, I might start posting some training clips on my twitter or youtube account, and I will link them in this log. But we’ll see.

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