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Becoming a Fighter Pilot


I think i finally decided what i want to do, and that is become a fighter pilot. Just got a few questions though for people in the military:

1.what do fighter pilots do during wartime when they're not assigned to bomb targets or whatever, and what do they do when there's no war going on??
2.How tough is it to become a fighter pilot? I'm not planning on joining up anytime soon maybe in a couple years after im done my degree but like yeah how do i know if i stand a chance at being selected?
3.how do i stay ahead of the competition, what can i do now to prepare and beat the comp. when the time comes?
5. is it true that they put you out in the wilderness and at sea on your own for a week and expect you to survive?
4. do fighter pilots get a lot of bitches?



I watched Top Gun too.


My understanding is that there are lot of tight jeans, leather jackets, shirtless volleyball matches (coed, of course - lulz just kidding!) and repressed childhood memories manifesting themselves in barely subdued locker room homoeroticism.

Decent soundtrack, though.


I was in Air Force ROTC for a year while I drank my scholarship away. Anyway, two of the instructors weren't fighter pilots, but flew the KC-135, and did aerial refueling during Desert Storm back in '91 (this was back in '97 during my first foray into higher education)
They said in their off time, they played ping pong.
They were really good at ping pong, having gotten so much practice.
So when you're not flying, you're fucking around.


What kind of singer are you?


I have a question for you. Are you "f" ing serious?

Well for starters, they'll probably want you to know that 5 comes after 4.

  1. (answer) Sit around wishing they were Marine Recon.

  2. (answer) No, Marine Recon does.

But I'm not biased or anything...


Being a fighter pilot seems a little gay if you ask me.





Dude, don't do that. There are a lot of better jobs in this man's AF than fighter pilot.


Had a friend from college who went on to fly F-15's. He got an aerospace degree, did a lot of flying before the AF, was ROTC, and in his free time if I remember correctly, he played a lot of golf.

Had another friend from high school who went to the Air Force Academy, he's a radar guy on B-52's. He doesn't get bitches, he's married. In his free time he hangs out with his daughters or drinks beer. He bombs things in Louisiana and North Dakota mostly. And he did get dumped out in the mountains for a week or so once and probably ate bugs or something, but mostly he did a lot of math homework.

Both guys were far from tough physically, but both were extremely gifted academically.


I want to fly jets sir.

Bullshit, my grandmother wants to fly jets!



lol goodluck.



Might as well be a fucking tank officer.


lol, I don't need luck bitch, luck needs me. You on the other hand probably needed all the luck he could get just to join the army as a grunt since you were most likely too fuckin stupid to get a real job, like most people who join the army right out of high school are.


i had a boss who claims to have been an f-15 pilot for the navy, he was a d-bag.... navy holds over 80% of all military pilots though so if u wanna fly join the navy


dude all they do is math in their non flying time. calculating vectors and shit. I worked on f-18's in the Navy. So yeah...be good at math. there's also some sort of pilot aptitude test out there. google it.


you just gotta pick a cool nick name...

viper, iceman, goose, maverick, stinger...

i like ice-goose-man