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Becoming a CSCS


Can anyone out there give me some info on what goes into becoming a CSCS?






well that was unnecessary im asking a question isnt that the point of a forum?



This should help you out.


graduate or soon to graduate with an undergraduate degree from accredited university.

pay money.


take test.

pass test.

become CSCS.



Had to add that in, NSCA at one point took any college graduate. And some still think they do


when did that change? i became a CSCS two years ago, but my undergrad was in kinesiology. at the time, it was any degree.


NCSA is trying to establish itself as respectable in the scientific community.

Ex Science I meant including Kinesiology. Basically anything health/fitness related. Where as before you could have a degree in Pych and still be CSCS certified.

It's kind of weird, they are coming to some kind of standards agreement with ACSM. and they are kind of nit-picky with the CEC's if you go to something that is not hosted by them. Found that out the hard way.

Still a good cert, glad I have it.

But yeah, they are getting... different