Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer

Does anyone here know the requirements in order to become a certified personal trainer? Im interested in finding out more about it as a college job. Thanks

Right now, the requirements are a pulse and the ability to not kill people with weights. Depends on the certification you’re going for and where you want to work. Some gyms have their own that’s worthless but they require.

What are you going to school for? You may consider the ACSM’s personal trainer option (just recently added). This one and the ISSA’s CFT are the most respectable non-degreed programs I know of.

If you just want some letters to be more marketable, a quick Google search will show a few.


I’m certified through NASM national academy of sports medicine. The course that had takes about 3-6 months (depending on your sch.) and involves pretty in depth course work, online test, 100 question proctured test, 2 day /20 hr seminar, and alot more. They were recomemded to be my the trainers at Red Lerille’s in Lafayette, La; and the owner of my old gym who was a former fitness comp. The founder (Micheal A. Clark) has been featured in many fitness and health mags. NASM also is the primary trainers for the Phoneix Suns,(most injury free franchise in 2005) and many other pro and colleges organizations. Look it up, I did my homework, and am glad I went with them. I pretty much been able to train in any gym I’ve gone to with this cert., but it’s not a bullsh#$ cert. you gotta put in the wrench time. ISSA was another well qualified one too, just didn’t with them. Hope this helps.

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