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Become Republican for the Women!


Join the Republican Party because they just have better looking women!


Bush's old lady belong's with the theirs group !


I'd bet all those women on that Republican side are dead lays though.



I'm pulling age on you now. Rent the movie "10" and you can see BO Derek in the act. She was quite lively. Quite lively indeed!


But even liberal women prefer conservative guys... =-)



Maybe, but it would be fun to find out!


During the '04 cycle, I was the President of a student Republican organization on my campus. We raised some money by selling shirts. My idea for that year (which sold out in about 20 minutes) was shirts that said:
"Republican Girls are Hotter"

Simple, yet effective. Liberal chicks glare at me when I (still) wear this shirt. Dudes, however... they seem to understand.



What? That it was a joke?


Well, of course its meant in a little bit of humor, but my point was that it seems to be a widely accepted truism. Of course its not a hard and fast rule... more of an obvious pattern.

And yes, its kinda funny, too. :slight_smile:


While we're citing chicks like Bo Derek, what about the vast majority of other actresses who are staunchly democrats?

I'd still tap Ann Coulter though... but I'd make sure to give her an STD.


Yeah, I don't agree with the Bo Derek thing, only because she's primarily an actress, not a politico. So, going by that standard, that would omit all the half-brained Hollywood types. (Not that there's really that many politically concerned ones.)

(But hey, of course I want whatever configuration will make Republican women look better.)

Oh, and Ann Coulter - I never thought she was really attractive, till I saw her in person. Once I got past the crazy vitriol she was spewing, I thought she was very pretty.


Get rid of Bo Derek, put in Condi. >_>


I wouldnt fuck her with your dick.


So eloquent. But so not true! I think she's awesome... I mean, these are real women we're talking about here, not photoshopped models.


Hilary clinton belongs in "Theirs".

God,I hate her.


You know, I was going to say how ridiculous this whole assumption was because attractiveness has nothing to do with political affiliation. Then I remembered my trips to Cornell University where then-girlfriend was a grad student. Many of the women who were outspoken, self-professed democrats were also, granola-acting, earthy-crunchy, feminazi, butch lesbians. They were downright scary.

I have met and slept with some very attractive democrat women and some very attractive republican women, so this is not to prove your point. However, on occassion those images pop up in my head and the first thing that comes to mind is "psycho-ultra-liberal".


How about 'unaffiliated' and bang whatever you want?


"whatever" you want?

Well, you can bang whatever you want, but I prefer whomever.



There are real women that aren't ugly like Condi is. Once again, she's not on most guys, "Man, I'd like to stick her" list.


And the light goes on!

Welcome to the dark side Bro!