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Become an Instant DJ!


This is for all you guys that buy into that PUA stuff and want more chicks.

No talent needed!


It's funny because it's truuueee




Lol that was awesome. And true, sadly.

But techno is a very underrated genre...


I see kids that spin for the reasons I posted and are just trendy DJ's, they don't produce anything and they just mix like it was an ipod suffle.


When done properly DJ's can be the fucking best...what gives them a bad name now is exactly like the cartoon said too many fools with an MacBook or an IPod that just use essentailly the shuffle feature.


I'd rather be a DJ in a strip club.


Myon and Shane 54 one of the best DJ Duos Ever


Hm, I just got reminded of this song while watching that video again.

Dj Coone - Words From The Gang