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Become A Dad, Lose Your T


And the more involved you are w/kids the lower the T goes. Rejoice all you childless strong-ass test oozing bastards.



Wonder where this guys T level is at. I guess he makes enough to mount her.


Or maybe at this point she mounts him.


Either way as many as she spit out she cant feel it.


Which means he can still stand strong from the ground up.


I wonder if he goes down on her does he have to tie himself to some furniture so he doesn't fall in?


I am sure...

I am sure....

I am sure.....

Plus he probably gets tired of the echo.



I'm a full time Dad with primary physical custody. Oh wait...

I'm still Superman. I won't worry until I can't fly any longer. :slight_smile:


Stress kills test.
Young kids are very stressful.
I can't wait 'till my daughter gets to 3 or 4 years old.


It's a fun age, but I hope you don't think it gets LESS stressful at that age.... :slight_smile:


It gets way less stressful. I've also got a nine year old and a 4 year old. I've got a pretty good idea of what ages are stressful.


Find awesome mom type: impregnate
give her money

Leave her for hot type



Yeah, fuck kids.

That's what this thread is about amirite?


Pedophilia is a disease and it's also a crime if acted upon. Go away perv


Become A Dad, Lose All of Your Money





3 kids, plus wife (4th kid)

Lose All of Your ...

Low Electric Bills
Low Water Bills
Anything off of your work desk

Am I missing anything?


I'd almost guess erections but then where do the kids keep coming from?


Only if they walk in the room while doing the deed, the little sneaky bastards. That's ok-- comes right back. sha-BOING!


i hate kids.