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I feel bad for the pitcher that died, but if they blame this bullshit on Ephedrine again, I’m gonna scream. God, I hate all this blaming supplements. I’m watching ESPN right now, and they’re ripping on Ephedrine.

“It’s particularly something to watch, because it heats the body.” So do heating pads and blankets. Better ban them too.

I feel your pain Brent.

Horseshit like this is exactly why you can look forward to my upcoming presidential campaign:


I don’t have my platform formally laid-out, but here are a few bullets off the top of my head:

  • All drugs (anabolic or otherwise) will be legalized, without age restrictions (including alcohol, pot, etc.). HOWEVER - Simply operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of any drug that I deem to be ‘high-risk’ will be punishable by death. Furthermore, killing or seriously injuring another human being while intoxicated or otherwise inebriated will similarly be punishable by death.

  • Suicide will be legalized (and encouraged).

  • Speed limits will be eliminated… but if you kill or seriously injure someone while operating a motor vehicle (and the accident is deemed to be your fault) you will face the death penalty.

  • Anyone in jail, serving a life sentence, will be immediately put to death.

  • In case you didn’t pick up on it, the death penalty will be strictly enforced… But, I’m not talking about any ‘lethal injection’ crap, and you can forget about the gas chamber. - I’m bring back the guillotine!

  • The tax system will be completely re-done in favor of a flat-tax.

  • There will be a national, 100% government-funded health plan.

That’s all I can think of for now… Just remember, THINK KLINK!

Klink’s got my vote.

DAMN STRAIGHT!! i’ve been advocating the death penalty for a lot of different things lately. you fuck up, you get the death penalty. i definitely like that guillotine idea, that way we won’t get none of this “is he alive or dead yet?” “hes still alive…you better give it some more juice!!” crap.

Colonel:That’s what I’m talking about! That’s some harsh punishments, but that would keep a ton on the straight and narrow.

“Vote the Colonel for the US General in 2006: Think Klink”

Buzz: Thanks for bringing this to my attention; it’s definitely something that I’ll have to look into (i.e. the pitcher’s death). It’s very unfortunate, and I grieve for him and his family.

That said, what’s also unfortunate is the fact that the media and popular press magnify things like supplement usage (or abuse) without any knowledge whatsoever about the substance and/or its effects. However, 'tis not their job to speak the truth; rather, it’s more of a concern to draw public view and influence public opinion.

Colonel, add another vote to the list, bruh! Buzz, you coined a kick-ass name there, brutha. Kudos to you, my man.


If you’re a pro-choice on top of all that, you got my vote!


HELL KLINK, I’d swear you were from Texas.OH YEAH YOU GOT my vote. But I think you should bring back stoning. Hell lets see how many people want to f%$k up and have a small town’s worth of people throw big ass rocks at them till they die. Then agian, the world full of dumbasses who need to be thined from the herd.

“If you’re a pro-choice on top of all that, you got my vote!”

Stella, your vote is important to me, and you’ll be happy to hear that I am indeed pro-choice. - However, that freedom of choice expires once fetal development has advanced to the point where the baby is obviously and recognizably human. In other words, so-called ‘late-term’ abortions will be a thing of the past, as they are really no different than killing a newborn. – It’s worth noting that I’m not an expert in this area, so I currently don’t have an exact definition for “obviously and recognizably human”, - but offering forth a more precise position on this issue is a high priority in my platform’s development.

In any event, here are a few more issues that will require my intervention:

  • Prostitution will be legalized.

  • Gambling will be legalized.

  • ‘Affirmative Action’ and all other forms of legislative racism will be abolished.

  • Non-lethal stoning (with government-approved, baseball-sized stones) will be used as a pre-punishment for those convicted of violating certain laws. - This would be applicable to sex crimes against un-consenting minors (molestation, etc.), rape, and listening to the Backstreet Boys (…okay, maybe not that last one). After the stoning, we would, of course, drag them off to the guillotine…

  • One the dollar bill, the word “God” in the phrase “In God we trust” will be replaced with the word “man” to read: “In Man We Trust”. (And by ‘man’ I mean ‘mankind’, so I don’t want any flak from the fairer gender). - The simple reason for this is that one of biggest freedoms (if not the biggest freedom) that our forefathers fought so hard to obtain was SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE! - The word “God” or any other religious verbiage and/or symbols on the dollar bill is a slap in the face to our founders and completely bastardizes the freedoms that this great nation was founded upon.

hey klink-
I think that the gas chamber isn’t all that bad, just needs some changes. If we were to use say…gasoline, effectively lighting these offenders ablaze, I do believe you would have something.
Gold n’ shiny,

T-Aco: I feel you on that’s the medias job, but it gets under my skin so much. They’re going to start banning any and all supplements that work and all we’re going to be left with is HMB and glutamine.

I think the problem with Ephdra and Ephdra like products is that too many people abuse them. And it is sad to see that star althletes are dieing from them.

I hate to admit that even certin steriods are safer then ephedra.

If taken as directed Ephdra is safe. But how many people really take it as a directed…

Thats the problem we have w/ this supplement…

I feel you man. Like that high school wrestler that died cause of Creatine!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH They failed to mention that he was wearing a sweatsuit, while riding a bike, by the steamimg showers trying to make weight! People need to get off this blaming supplement shit cause its real sad!

Yeah, Well I was just going to ignore most of this non sense but I think I like my current freedoms free, better than your dictatorship. Sorry man, If you get elected I will have to Lee Harvey your butt…

B-Funk: I wasn’t siding with the media one bit, brah. Not one bit, and I hope my comments didn’t seem as such.

I can’t stand the constant spread of misinformation when it comes to health and fitness and the media. They have zero to negative interpretive skills. Like I said, they only tell half (or less) of the story…and that’s the half that’s going to draw viewers and cause a–in the words of President Bush–National Outrage.

And, in the words of famous Raven LB Ray Lewis, Are you feelin’ me?

Ya, I agree that it dose suck that someone is dead. And it sucks even more that they are balming it on the pills they found in his locker. This guy had some other serious problems if he kicked it while doing just regular conditioning drills on the second day of camp. Everyone should be able to see this but that isn’t what is ‘sexy’ or ‘sells.’

We all just have to hope that no one dies from protein or the internet because then we are all screwed.

Phatman: “I think I like my current freedoms free, better than your dictatorship.”

  • I’m not sure I follow that… The only ‘freedom’ that I’ve explicitly stated that I’d take away is the ability to drive drunk (or high) - but that isn’t really legal to begin with.

Regardless, I’m getting back on-topic now:

The part that rides me the most about all of this are the huge double-standards that the media applies. I mean they’re nit-picking about a supplement that kills fewer people than Aspirin, and yet you hardly ever hear the popular media talking about the tremendous death-tolls that can be attributed to cigarettes and alcohol. - The situation is just so unbelievable to me, that I almost start buying into all of the conspiracy theories about there being government agencies that dictate everything we see and hear… To paraphrase some of my fellow T-men: The truth just doesn’t ‘sell’.

I think Brent really sums it up really well with his blanket and heating pad comment. The whole subject of banning substances like ephedrine and andro pisses me off. I know a lot of people on the forum are against andro by itself, but when I first started weightlifting, it really helped me out. As far as ephedrine goes, well, it’s the basis of my supplement regimen. Me and my ripped fuel/no-doz/aspirin go hand in hand. If ephedrine gets banned, I don’t know what I’ll do…

Everyone is running around shitting on Ephedra…they should take a look at Bechler. The man was 6’2" and 240lbs. His coaches said he had a weight problem. On top of all this, he hadn’t eaten solid foods in two days and was pitching in hot and humid weather - a drastic change from the weather in his home in Oregon. Just goes to show how some facts get all muddled up.

Did you guys see Senator Sweeney from New York who’s calling for the ban of Ephedra? All because of this incident.

Some quotes, if you haven’t seen it.

“Baseball has nowhere to hide anymore,” said Sweeney. “How many young men have to die before someone wises up and bans this junk?”

And we’re still two weeks away from a Toxicology report. Maybe they should ban his lack of off-season conditioning, and coming to training camp out of shape. Makes more sense.