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Becca Swanson!

This woman is amazing. Today at the Senior Nationals she became the first woman to ever squat 800 with an 803 and an 832! Then she went on to bench 480 and missed 500. Then she got a 650 deadlift! She totaled OVER 1900!!! That is amazing, she’s stronger than the vast majority of guys her size or bigger.


Congrats to her!

I’m not sure is Becca woman or not,
but those weights are hell freekin’!

They need to check for a penis. Don’t mistake that for an insult!! Wow…

She sometimes works out at my gym and in my humble opinion has abused steroids to a disgusting level at this point. It really isn’t a pretty sight.

Well steroids or not it is still impressive. The female body really isn’t built to lift that kind of weight. I mean most men in the world can’t even hold 832 lbs. on their backs. i don’t think that steroids will help you avoid being crushed under that load.