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Becca Swanson 501 Bench



check her out!


Uhhh. The angellike melody of her voice...

Woah just impressive....


Nice bench, but who would name their son Becca.....


Not cool. I'm the first to jump on she-beasts for their looks when it's warranted. But this post in this forum is not at all what this is about.


Thanks for showing this video tonight after my workout. I'm glad strong women are able to compete and be accepted too.

Becca Swanson looks to be an amazing strongwoman.


watch it in slow-motion and you can see her sack flop out...

I'm just jealous, I'm gonna wake up and go to the gym...



i know you are joking but how much do you bench ya little mutha fucka?



Maybe it's short for Rebecca...?


She's also called "Big Red". She's 5'9", 240 pounds. She and her husband own the Big Iron Gym in Nebraska. She also holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

In an interview when asked what she ate, she replied "Mostly food. Every once in a while I will have a small child or animal, but only when I have a big workout the next day. Truly, I lift best at 240, so I have to eat and eat whatever I can get my hands on. I just make sure that protein is a big part of the program. And lots of water."

Her best total is 1952 lbs.

Very inpressive woman.


O please people, lighten up a bit, it will make the world a much happier place.....


Check out her deadlift:

www.irongame.com/videos/20040703/ BeccaSwanson.2004,March5th,WPOArnoldClassic-650lbDL@SHW.mpg


Very impressive. However, someone needs to get the 14 year old with the whiny voice away from the microphone, wicked distracting!


hehe. It's cool. I don't think it was your intention, but some one this site WOULD post that completely seriously, totally dicounting her accomplishments completely.


I couldn't see her deadlift but saw her squat. She barely hits parallel and I'm wondering how judges can tell. Also, after a max lift, is she able to stand up? These lifts take so much out of a person.


My vote for the Cool Tip of the day.