Because I Got Chai?

 I got a few samples of an organic tea from a friend over the weekend, and yesterday morning I brewed up some Chai, and drank 3 cups of it while it was still hot.  Very soon thereafter I began to feel lightheaded and somewhat buzzed.  

For the rest of the morning I felt kind of amped up but also slightly dizzy, and I can’t help but wonder if there was something specific in the tea that caused that feeling, or if I just got too much caffiene. I checked the ingredients and it’s just black tea, ginger root, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, and a couple of things I’d never heard of: Cardamom, and Star Anise.

This was the first time I’d ever had Chai tea, and I’ve never gotten that sort of reaction from any other drink. What do you guys think?

I had a similar reaction to some “Chai” brownies I ate. Make sure you are getting your Chai from a reputable source, like a trusted (yet soon to be incarcerated) friend. Otherwise you could end up in mexico in a tub of ice missing a kidney.

I see what you did there.

Your response sounds like it was either psychosomatic or attributable to something else that you haven’t considered. There are no psychotropic ingredients listed, and I don’t think Chai even has caffeine.

[quote]Jerkwad wrote:
I don’t think Chai even has caffeine.[/quote]

Yes, it does. It is black tea.

I don’t think the effect was psychosomatic, and I’m quite sure it wasn’t psychotropic. This isn’t some hippy homebrew shit that I’m talking about, it’s just plain, off-the-shelf herbal tea. The name brand is TAZO.

I promise I wasn’t expecting it to trip me out. If I had another bag of it I would get all scientific-methody on it, but I only have two more bags, each of different flavors. Both say specifically “caffeine free”, where the chai version did not, which is why I wondered if maybe I got over-caffeinated or something.

I’m trying one of the other flavors now and it tastes like crap, made from chamomile and flowers and leaves and crap. I much preferred the chai, I just wish I knew if the tea was what got me buzzed, or something unrelated. TAZO tea - the newest street drug? Tune in tonight at 11!

Oh yeah, black tea can have plenty of caffeine in it; just like coffee it depends on how strong you make it. Good chai is made strong.

Clever thread title, it throughly amused me.