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Because I Do What I Want

That’s what I have started telling people who ask why I train the way I do - and really, it’s the truth.

I Suppose I pop up as brand new in your forum, but alas, I have finally decided to emerge from the bushes. You’re all pretty freaking badass, lifting heavy shit and whatnot. I’ve been snooping into your logs for a while now. (no creeper, just admiring talents)

I have currently embarked on a journey to compete in powerlifting, and have just started 5/3/1. Previously, I had been training, but with little intent, and really for no specific purpose. Then, one day I come to the realization that without any serious effort, I was seriously stronger than every single girl I knew. So, after a bit of a debate, I decided that I should satisfy my desire for competition and train for thatâ?¦plus I went to a PL meet and it was a lot of fun.

Currently, my estimated maxes are:
Squat: 200
Bench: 130
Military Press: 100
*I am fairly certain they are all pretty damn close for being estimates. Though back in November, on the 4th week of a program, I hit a 225x2 squat.

Ok, so I know they aren’t at a competitive level yet, but like I said, I haven’t really trained those lift much over the past year and a half. I did Ripptoe’s Starting Strength for a total of 5 weeks, mainly to see where my maxes were. I really don’t know if I could have done it much longer, because my legs were beat to shit nearly every week.

Short Term Goals: based on rep PRs from 531
Squat: 230
Bench: 140
DL: 290
Military Press: 110

Long Term Goals: timeline to be evaluated made realistically after 2 cycles of 531
Squat: 250
Bench: 160
DL: 310
Military Press: 120

Basically, I’m not sure how my body will respond to these lifts, and when I will stop seeing awesome gains. In either case, those are the numbers I think I am capable of. The key is going to be keeping my BF in check, since I really like the idea of lifting heavy shit and looking good (vanity, yes, I am still a chick) - and I seem to have trouble with finding the right balance of energy consumed and energy expended.

There are vids of my recent DL and Front squat in my hub - I can embed if requested!

Sooo, here I go…and thanks in advance for any help and support!

5/3/10…that’s the date I did the workout, not the program (haha, I’m a dork)

Cycle 1, Wave A

5x145; 5x165;10x160=13 lb PR
Good Morning 10x95; 10 x 115; 8x115; 10x95
Single Leg Squat 4x10/leg (5 lb dbs)
BB Hip Extension 12x95; 12x95; 12x95
Ab Wheel 3x12

Probably won’t continue with this much detail in the long run - but if something sticks out as wrong, I’d like to know early on.

5/4/10…that’s the date I did the workout, not the program (haha, I’m a dork)

Cycle 1, Wave A

5x80; 5x95;8x105=9 lb PR
DB Rows (15x45)x4
Incline DB Press 10x35, 10x35, 8x35, 9x35
Face Pulls 12x30; 12x30; 12x30
Sprinter Sit ups 20, 16, 18

Short notes on my accessory work:
1-I AM trying to get more hamstring/glute work in as opposed to quad work. It’s easiest for me to get in posterior chain/glute work on squat day, and hamstring work on DL day.
2-I want to get more pulling than pressing in - to bring up my DL, and to allow me to do chin ups for reps (I have oddly weak lats — so any help here!)
3-I purposely paired my horizontal push with my horizontal pull, and vertical push with vertical pull (to come Friday). I work better that way.
4-Ab work will probably vary based on what is available for my use. Going to stick to the basics - ab wheel, planks, reverse crunch, hanging leg raise. Others that I like are Stability ball roll outs, sprinter sit ups, hand walk outs. I’m not too concerned, so long as I am strengthening the muscles that will hold me upright during a squat.
5-I will be running hills, running sprints, and doing complexes on days I am not weight training.

I remember you.

I’ll watch until I get bored.

Welcome. A goal of competing in powerlifting is ALWAYS interesting to watch happen.

Nice sumo deads.

[quote]CBear84 wrote:
I remember you.

I’ll watch until I get bored. [/quote]

HA! What a beyatch.

Polsen we’ve actually e-met before when the system erroneously logged you in as me - that was fun times.

Love your goal to compete and your workouts look great. I’ll be following along :slight_smile:

[quote]Polsen714 wrote:

Ok, so I know they aren’t at a competitive level yet[/quote]

Hmm. You say this based on . . .? What’s your weight class? What’s your age? There’s no minimum number required to compete.

Look at my crap numbers. Yet I hold all the state records for my age/weight class.

Many, many people compete in powerlifting to break their own records and to give their training focus.

Looking forward to following along.

Cool. Glad you started a PL log here. I’ll definitely be keeping track (though its not like you won’t tell me these things anyway!).

Lots of strong ladies in here too that have obviously put in work. Should be fun to watch!

@Kimba: thanks! I appreciate the support!

@Masch: yes, i DO remember that. It was definitely the strangest thing that has ever happened to me on this site. And even though my workouts seem to look good, let me know if you have any tips!

@kp: i hope to lift in the 148 class, most likely in the SPF for my first meet. They seem to have a bunch of stuff going on in my area. Although I do have hopes to compete in some other meets in the fall. As for weight class, I’d like to compete in 148, but I am not sure that is going to happen. I’ll be 26 here in about 2 months, 5’4, sitting at about [a very hard to budge 154]. I really WANT to drop classes, but I haven’t seemed to be able to hold anything less than 151 for years. My BF isn’t low, the diet just gets really hard for me at that point. I guess it’s just something I have to mentally push myself through. But I hear you on the fact that it give training focus. Nothing beats going to the gym everyday knowing exactly what it is you are trying to beat!

@VTBalla: thanks dude! You’re awesome!

Cycle 1, Wave A


165x6; 185x5; 200x8

Leg Press
13x270; 12x270, 13x270, 12x270

10x95; 10x115; 10x115; 10x115

Medicine Ball Lifts

Yaaaay, so glad you started a log! Now I can stalk your training :slight_smile:

P.S. You are strong … I am jealous! And you definitely should compete! Do a meet where you don’t drop weight just to get your feet wet and see how things go.

Hi Polsen, your numbers look good. Looking forward to following along. :slight_smile:

great lifting in here!!!

original title. =+P

Chimera…I may, I may. We will see. Things in my life are so hectic right now that I am just focusing on keeping up with my training - picking a meet will have to wait!

RBlue…thanks, I appreciate the compliment!

dejavued…whoops! Sorry about that! I knew I couldn’t possibly be that clever. I just found myself saying that SO often recently that it was the only thing that sounded right! I’ll work on thinking of something equally clever and have it changed.

Cycle 1, Wave A


60x5; 70x5; 80x8…only a 1 lb PR, but I was coming off a rough night out, and I hate this lift

Lat Pulldown
80x10; 80x10; 80x9; 80x8

DB Pullover
35x13; 35x12; 35x13; 35x12
DB Curl
10x13; 10x12; 10x13; 10x12

I did ab work, but I didn’t write it down, and days later cannot remember. This workout was very underwhelming. I was short on time, so I superset opposing movements in an attempt to just get them in. My lat pulldown sucks - actually my pulling strength sucks period. It is something I have been working on for years and I can’t seem to make much progress. I have not yet lost hope though!

Cycle 1, Wave B

Squat Warm up: 5x 75, 95; 3x115
3x135; 3x150; 9x170…7 lb PR

Good Morning
10x95; 10x95; 11x105; 10x95

Single Leg Squat

BB Hip Extension
4x95; 12x115; 12x115; 13x115

Ab Wheel

The 7 lb PR is awesome, but not entire surprising. At one point, I had my squat max at 225 (tested), so I am almost there again! I woke up today and my whole lower body was aching - quads, glutes, hams. That combination I made there is killer!

Cycle 1, Wave B

Bench Warm up: 5x50; 5x60; 4x75
3x85; 3x100; 7x110…2 lb PR

Incline DB Press
12x30; 12x30; 11x30; 10x30
Single Arm DB Row
10x30; 10x35; 10x40; 15x50

Annnnnd, that was it - they kicked me out. I was scheduled to work a double tonight, and anticipated, based on previous weeks, that I would get out by 7:30 at the VERY latest. Well, I didnt get out until 8:55, and had to rush home to grab clothes to get to the gym which closes at 10. Oh well, it was good night nonetheless!

Now I sleep, and get up to do the same thing tomorrow…ugh, I can’t wait for this weekend. I am flying home to Buffalo to surprise my mom for mother’s day/her 50th birthday. I love hanging out with my family, they’re so much fun! Plus I get to see some old friends…and not work.

nice PR Polsen… and hi!

Hey I found your new workout journal!!! Yeah all you #'s look great. And I have to agree with you I hate the OHP, guess its cause I suck at it or something. Really impressed with the deadlifts & squats :slight_smile: Nice!!!

[quote]Polsen714 wrote:
Chimera…I may, I may. We will see. Things in my life are so hectic right now that I am just focusing on keeping up with my training - picking a meet will have to wait![/quote]

Come out to LA and do the meet I’m doing in September. Court is going to be there too, acting as a handler for someone else (and hopefully helping me!). It will be fun… you know you want to!

Nice training - still totally jealous of your numbers. I decided to drop my squat max some for the first wave of 5/3/1 because I really wanted to work on form and depth. I’m videoing every set now, working on keeping my arch (which I tend to lose when I get down low - stupid tight hip flexors and hamstrings / weak back). Anyway, it’s a little bit ego-bruising to be lifting so much less than before, especially when I WANT to be lifting what you’re squatting, but in the long run, the focus on form and depth will pay off, and I’m in no big hurry.

Anyway, enough rambling. Come do a meet with me :slight_smile:

Love the title, I’ll be following you. Good luck!