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Beavis and Butthead

any other b&b fans out there? the movie has been on hbo the last couple of days so it reminded me of the greatness of the boys. greatest show of all time!!!

Ah yes, the forerunner of em all. I think I must’ve been in middle school when they were in their prime. And everyone walked around with his shirt over his head with a Cornholio impression.

The mushroom induced Rob Zombie trip was the coolest.

one of my brothers has pretty much every episode on tape,except for the season with frog baseball which he lent to a friend who subsequently “lost” it. that show was unbelievable, one of the few shows i genuinely miss.

I just watched a six-hour Moronathon from MTV that I had on videotape last week. The finest cartoon ever made. My favorite episode was the one where they kept prank calling that “Harry Sach” guy and flushing the toilet repeatedly. Idiotic humor, but I always got a kick out of it. The one where they went to the PTA meeting was really good too.

Uhhhh…huh, huh, huh…uhhhhhh…this sucks.

B&B rocks.

They rule…middle school? Shit I was in college…I am getting old.

Couldn’t stop laughing at it. It was so dumb it was painful, but I loved it. The fact that I was teaching freshmen at the time, and had a couple of kids who seemed to be just like them probably helped.

damn were smooth!

YES, excellent show! I miss it alot. “come to Butthead”.

My friend got me the DVDs earlier this year. So f’n funny. I think they’re sold through Time Life.

I was disappointed with the Time Life DVD’s because they cut out the hazing of music videos. That was my favorite part of the show.

“I noticed you have braces… I too have braces”~Butthead

As cool as B&B may be, I still say Ren and Stimpy rule.

butthead: attention! attention! we are looking for the chick with big boobs.

beavis: we are ready to do you now.