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Beauty and a Beast


I give you Brooke Ence.

Hot, cool, fun and a 275 Front Squat. RUFWM?


Some pretty impressive feats of strength. I just hope most women don’t think its achievable without PED’s. Even so she is talented.


Very fun to watch. Amazingly athletic. She was talking a bit about her diet at the beginning of the second video. She said she doesn’t do Paleo or The Zone, but she does count macros… Then she doesn’t tell you what they are. Somebody tell me if I missed that. I was curious.

Like Beyond_Beyond, I’d assume she’s not natural. Maybe that isn’t fair, but I saw some stats about strength levels in the CF community and it looked like it’s very unlikely that any of the top competitors are natural. Knowing that is kind of a let down, IMO.


yeah BB & PP, she’s not natural. I didn’t really like Chris putting up her picture in Bodyofamom’s topic because it’s just substituting one form of assistance for another.

Puff, I don’t think you missed anything. She didn’t go into detail. I’d be surprised if you couldn’t find her diet on the net. She’s pretty outgoing so I wouldn’t be surprised if she would respond if she responded to an email on her website.

On second thought maybe she wouldn’t respond. I’ve sent her 50 emails over the last two days and she hasn’t responded to any of them.


Maybe leave off the pics, OE. :wink:

Edit: boy, that’s some winky face. I like it!


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'struth. Give any old chick the same steroids as an elite athlete they still won’t come close, but anybody can get a big ole lump of silicon in their tits.


Like I followed up in that thread (though it might be a minor point), I was under the impression I posted a pic of 2015 CF Games winner Katrin Davidsdottir.

Katrin’s the girl farthest right. Brooke’s the girl farthest left.

And I do agree with the guys. While PEDs are a big issue and huge asterisk when it comes to what a “normal woman” can look like, they’re not the same level of “assistance” as implants. Fake boobs are entirely superficial, more on par with ab etching-lipo than AAS.


Oh if I sent a pic, especially a dick pic, she would be responding.


“OMG look how small ur dick is LOL”

something like that, I’d imagine.


Brooke is smart enough to know that its just my giant balls that skew the perception.