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Beautiful Footwork


I'm a Gamboa nut hugger.

I absolutely love this guys footwork and balance. Sheer magic watching it and up there with the best.

I also love his no mucking around fight style.


I think most boxing fans love Gamboa. Tremendously exciting/talented fighter.

I think Jorge Linares has the best footwork/balance in the sport. Didn't stop him from getting knocked out though.


beautiful footwork indeed.

I would kill to develop that sense.

I wonder if he spends some hours only on movement, like Dominick Cruz.

I don't mean to compare just that i've never seen someone dedicate so much time to footwork only, and it's fucking awesome.


I agree, watching linares move is just magical. It's something definitely earned through hard work but at the same time at the level of linares and gamboa I truly believe it is a God given gift they have where they just have superior balance and spatial awareness, heightened senses above us all.

I only say this because I have 4 children and watching the differences in them all is amazing. I have my second son who is like a cat. Throw him up in the air and he'll always land on his feet, amazing poise balance and athleticism and then seeing his siblings try to imitate him just proves to me there is something different about the way he is wired.

Still I do believe hard work helps a lot at grinding away motor patterns.

I do notice though that the earlier years boxers did have much more 'beautiful' footwork.


Mayweather by far has the best footwork and balance. I've never seen a fighter so perfectly balanced as he is.

Linares is good, maybe even in the top 5, but really, what's it matter when you get fucked up like he does.

Gamboa is very good, I agree. I like watching him.


Irish, I think it's because mayweather is so smooth and seamless, so subtle and fluid that he makes it look so easy that we actually don't credit him as much as we should because you're also right, he has impeccable balance and footwork