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Beautiful, Don't You Think?

I’d hit it.

O god no!

No offence, she’s impressive. She’s fricken Massive.

However, I don’t believe female bodybuilders are in the least bit…attractive.

Damn thats overboard… I am all for women getting muscle. But even her face looks like a guys… A women should far away from roids. Although Trish is cute looking though.

Bute she doesn’t use that much. If I remember correctly…

What a face!-Ike, you gotta be hurtin’

That’s Fanny Barrios - she just placed 6th in the Lightweight Women’s of the Ms. International. Yes, she’s a “lightweight”. Well, she’s probably 5’2" and weighs 135lbs. when in contest shape. Uh huh: SCARY.

While I’m happy to see Cathy Priest win the Lightweight Class (she at least still resembles a woman), I’m sorry to see that Yaxena “Horseface” Oriquen (sp) won the Heavyweights and Overall. Think this Fanny chick is “ugleeeee”? - see Yaxena.

yeah, I’d probably hit it…with a goddamn billy-club if I saw it coming at me in the relative confines of a dark and scary alleyway…or with a rock when I take my girl to the zoo. I might hit it with my car if I saw it coming down the block soliciting donations for the Michael Jackson children?s fund.

Honestly…men should not be allowed to compete in womens’ bb competitions!

I’d hit it… right in the jaw.

I thought Boris Karloff was dead already.

Oh, c’mon guys.

She (I think) is the definition of femininity.

This was the most beutiful women in bodybuilding. At least thats what I thought.


To quote George Carlin, I wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick.

I know Fannie and she and her husband Alex are two of the nicest people around. When I lived in South Beach we would train, joke around and whatnot. Extremely nice and passionate about her chosen sport. Fannie and Yaxeni Oriquen (sp) and their respective husbands are close friends and are very giving people. I wish them much luck since I only see them from time to time.

I wouldn’t fuck her with TC’s dick, Chris Shugart’s ass, with Bill Robert’s pushin’!

Is it me or does her face resemble some sort of primate…maybe a gorilla, or chimp or something.


Wow Ike thanks for the scare!?

Ike, the least you can do is show us the before pic haha

She looks like a man with gyno.

i didnt know iggy pop had such a good tan

Wow i really do see iggy in her…