Beats Solo 3 Wireless for Training?

I’m looking at some new headphones for the gym!

I train 6 days a week so either way I’ll get my money’s worth out of them! But I was wondering on people’s personal views on them? Good? Bad? Overpriced?

Or should I be looking at something else?

I had some wired Bluetooth headphones but the cable going round back of my neck annoyed me.
Got these off ebay, thought if they’re shit I’ve not really spent alot.
They are great, take out of charging box, they pair straight away, stay in ear securely. Sound is great, probably a bit too much bass for most people’s taste, but fine for me as I like to listen to bass heavy music when training. They cost £15 so I’m not worried about breaking or losing them.

I have the beatsx. I’ve also used the regular iPods.

Not having any string at all is amazing, but the iPods have horrible sound. Most bluetooth sets will have terrible sound, if you actually care about sound quality at all which I do if I’m spending north of $100 on headphones.

Still, the beatsx were better than the iPods for the gym. It blocked out the sound better, and sounded better. The beats solo3s are going to give you much better sound quality than both of those because it’s an over the ear cup, but it’s too big for me at the gym. I’m not a fan. Not a fan of the way it looks either, and it’s horrid for cardio.

If you’re really open to spending that kind of money then I’d say the Powerbeats pro would be a great option for the gym, which can also serve you as a day to day phone earphone unlike the solos.

The JLab Audio Epic Air Elite is a nice option also. It is sweatproof and has 6 hour battery life.