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Beats by Jay (Cutler)





I lol'd pretty hard at the sample audio.
If that's what they picked for the good sounding demos, I can't imagine what the rest sounds like..

It's like Jay was doing a DJ Khaled impression, just yelling everything.




Jay is the fuckin' man.



Those beats are unbelievably terrible.


hahahaha the audio clips in the songs made me LOL so hard. He legitimately sounds like he has a learning disorder.


I always thought he talked kind of nerdy, but the nerdiness is definitely amplified when he's yelling like that.

Its fuckin terrible. I saw this pop up on my fb and thought it was a joke til i followed the link and saw there were actual audio samples.


Is it just me or does he kinda look like an evil Will Ferrel in the link?


Sounds like pual bearer


Holy shit, i always knew he looked like someone but i could never put my finger on it. He does look like Will Ferrel.


God I hope this is a joke this is the funniest thing Ive ever heard. His yelling voice thing he does literally sounds full retard


He for sure would have been better off just endorsing the obnoxiously big headphones that Dre makes.


So anyone really can be a DJ...


This still makes me laugh my ass off.


This still makes me laugh my ass off.

hahahahahaha thats gold


OMG. Please don`t give WF anymore "sport movie" ideas (Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory, etc.)

I can already see him licking his chops doing a bodybuilding movie based loosely on the life of Jay Cutler, intermixed with spoofed scenes from Pumping Iron. And of course, we'll go; with an everburning hope that Ferrell has recaptured his form from Anchorman and Celebrity Jeopardy, only to be let down once again.


The other guys was recent and actually really good. Gives me hope for his future. Somehow I don't think WF reads Tnat, so we're probably safe.


If Ferrell doesn't do it, Adam Sandler will. So we're all pretty much fucked either way.


Yeah but it will be a hilarious roast either way.

Adam Sandler has been lifting though. Of course he's not hyoooge but he's all muscely more than most in his recent movies.


Well fair play to him for hitting the weights... unless he's bulking up for another American football role... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!